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IAM this week re­main­ing on the sub­ject that Thomas Tha­bane must re­turn home. In­deed he must. What is the rea­son of him con­tin­u­ing in hid­ing af­ter he ex­posed his base? I don’t think it’s wise for any­one in hid­ing to reach the media by ad­dress­ing a press con­fer­ence. Yet this is what Ntate Tha­bane did. It was a bit un­wise.

Last Fri­day, Un­cle Tom chap­er­oned the media to his press con­fer­ence at what is sup­posed to be his dis­creet hid­ing base.

Un­til that presser, not ev­ery­one knew where Cy­clone Tom and his con­cu­bine were hid­ing. Em­peror Kamoli, if he so chooses, can now easily de­ploy his snipers into Ficks­burg and snuff Cy­clone Tom at his now very fa­mous hid­ing place.

And Em­peror Kamoli has bet­ter chances of get­ting away with it if any snip­ing hap­pens in Ficks­burg. He will for starts sim­ply as­cribe Tha­bane’s killing to the ram­pag­ing bands of South African crim­i­nals. In South Africa, a man or woman is killed ev­ery 24 sec­onds.

That’s how stag­ger­ing the crime rate is in the coun­try of gold and plat­inum. Who will ever point a fin­ger at Em­peror Kamoli if ever he elected to per­form any das­tardly deeds in Ficks­burg.

But if Un­cle Tom is taken out at home, as he in­deed fears, the out­rage that will likely fol­low will de­ter the Em­peror.

Ithus think Ntate Tom is bet­ter off at home now than in Ficks­burg. Ficks­burg was never a smart choice any­way for a hid­ing place. It is very sparsely pop­u­lated. A bullet can be aimed at you right from the bak­ery sec­tion of USave, the only su­per­mar­ket there, to hit you up to wher­ever you are be­cause the place is so spa­cious ev­ery­one is vis­i­ble there. So it is a con­tra­dic­tion of sorts for Un­cle Tom to have hid­den there.

But Un­cle Tom can also be good at pol­i­tick­ing. I have seen the copy of the agree­ment he signed with Ntate Mo­sisili to guar­an­tee his safety upon his re­turn. It’s a bit of an am­a­teur­ish doc­u­ment. I don’t think it even passed through the hands of any of our lo­cal bush lawyers. Per­haps this is be­cause it was hur­riedly done.

But it is in­deed an agree­ment in which Mr Size Two prom­ises spe­cific ac­tions to guar­an­tee Cy­clone Tom’s re­turn in­clud­ing pro­vid­ing him with a se­cu­rity de­tail from the LMPS and pro­vid­ing him with a gov­ern­ment house. Un­cle Tom must then re­turn home within seven days of the sign­ing of the agree­ment. Ntate Tha­bane nev­er­the­less al­tered that sec­tion in his hand­writ­ing to read that he would re­turn home “soon­est” af­ter the sign­ing of the agree­ment and ini­tialled all amend­ments he made in pen.

But at the press con­fer­ence, Ntate Tha­bane re­ferred to this very lu­cid agree­ment as be­ing not an agree­ment but mere min­utes of the meet­ing he had with Ntate Mo­sisili. Re­mem­ber, his coali­tion with Ntate Mets­ing col­lapsed on ac­count of his trash­ing agree­ments. It is one thing, how­ever, to trash agree­ments as a sit­ting prime min­is­ter with power than do­ing the same when you are in op­po­si­tion.

The ques­tion now is what trick can be pulled to get Tha­bane back home. It seems Ntate Mo­sisili is also equally des­per­ate to get Tha­bane back home not out of the benev­o­lence or kind­ness of his heart but be­cause this it is the best way to but­tress the cha­rade that all is well in Le­sotho.

So in­stead of de­ploy­ing snipers, why not or­gan­ise a mili­tia from within the LDF to go and abduct Li­a­biloe and bring her back to Le­sotho. I bet Ntate Tha­bane will come run­ning for his cu­tie Li­a­biloe. Once here, the ABC may then put him un­der house ar­rest af­ter telling him the party can­not con­tinue lead­er­less and rud­der­less.

This may all sound a bit silly, but I am des­per­ate for Ntate Tha­bane to re­turn and be present here. His fears are un­der­stand­able but pol­i­tics is all about risk tak­ing.

The SADC in­quiry which started on Mon­day is our best op­por­tu­nity to heal this coun­try and chart a way for­ward. Ev­ery key leader must present ev­i­dence be­fore this in­quiry. Ev­ery Mosotho of any con­se­quence, yours truly in­cluded, must ap­pear be­fore it.

Ntate Tha­bane must ap­pear be­fore it and have his views cap­tured. Ntate Mo­sisili did the right thing and ap­peared be­fore it yesterday. But, I shall re­tain a ver­dict for now on the ef­fi­cacy of his per­for­mance.

Ntate Tha­bane must fol­low suit as he is the big­gest op­po­si­tion leader. So should Ntate ‘Maserib­ane and Aun­tie Keke. It’s through the com­pre­hen­sive­ness of sub­mis­sions from all key role play­ers that the In­quiry can be prop­erly guided to is­sue the right pre­scrip­tions for our ail­ing coun­try. But in his rant else­where in this news­pa­per, Ntate Maserib­ane says him and his fel­low ex­iles will all not come.

Even though they want to make sub­mis­sions be­fore the Com­mis­sions, Maserib­ane wants the com­mis­sion to fol­low the three to Ficks­burg. This to me sounds a bit fool­hardy and im­pru­dent.

What if the SADC Com­mis­sion re­fuses to fol­low these three ex­iles to Ficks­burg. To me this will be a huge missed op­por­tu­nity.

Even if they want to keep them­selves in ex­ile, these three lead­ers must come home at least to ap­pear be­fore the com­mis­sion only — even if this will take a few hours or one day — be­fore they go back.

Idon’t think Em­peror Kamoli will make any move against them as feared by them. Surely Em­peror Kamoli can’t be foolish enough, even by his own de­ranged stan­dards, to take the lives of all the three op­po­si­tion lead­ers at one go. I ab­so­lutely don’t think so. Moreso when the Em­peror fears ex­po­sure from the Com­mis­sion as ev­i­denced by his last ditch bid to al­ter its terms of ref­er­ence.

To avoid any risks to their lives, the three may also con­sider en­ter­ing Le­sotho hold­ing each other tightly around the shoul­ders with Aun­tie Keke sit­ting tightly in the mid­dle. Surely Em­peror Kamoli wouldn’t dare knock off all the three of them.

One thing we must avoid as Ba­sotho is to let this com­mis­sion go with­out enough facts and in­for­ma­tion to as­sist it in mak­ing help­ful de­ci­sions.

The com­mis­sion has al­ready boldly shown its in­de­pen­dence and re­solve to do a good job. It has started by re­ject­ing Em­peror Kamoli’s last minute at­tempt to al­ter its terms of ref­er­ence and ac­com­mo­date his whims and caprices.

Ichuck­led at lis­ten­ing to some of the re­quests: that is treat­ing the LDF as one sin­gle en­tity and not pin­point­ing its mem­bers in all its ac­tiv­i­ties un­der probe in­clud­ing the slay­ing of brother Maa­parankoe? Equally amaz­ing was the re­quest that the Com­mis­sion de­sist from in­ter­ro­gat­ing is­sues around the al­leged mutiny .

I could not help but ask my­self; which le­gal ge­nius sug­gested that the LDF comes up with these last minute pro­pos­als. Who­ever that per­son is, they propably live in a par­al­lel uni­verse. The ad­vise must have come from a very bad sniper.

Any­way the In­quiry’s chair­man has boldly demon­strated he won’t be bul­lied. The ques­tion is won’t he too be­come a tar­get of snip­ing. Me thinks not. I don’t think there would be any snip­ings dur­ing the du­ra­tion of the In­quiry.

Which is why I think Un­cle Tom is foolish to co­coon him­self in the not too dis­creet Ficks­burg in­stead of com­ing home to do what is right. Per­haps this is his only chance of see­ing home. Come Tom Come !!!


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