Time man­age­ment and think­ing big

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HOW a leader man­ages his or her time is one of the most im­por­tant aspects of the job.

Time Man­age­ment, how­ever, is some­what of a mis­nomer. Each and ev­ery one of us, whether the leader of a huge cor­po­ra­tion, or the jan­i­tor at a fish­eries, has 24 hours in the day to do what needs do­ing.

No amount of ef­fort will ever in­crease this num­ber, and so we there­fore need to learn to man­age our­selves more ef­fec­tively within the time we are given.

Poor time man­age­ment can man­i­fest in many, many ways, and can have a pro­found ef­fect on the per­for­mance of many dif­fer­ent ar­eas of the busi­ness.

Some of the ways in which poor time man­age­ment man­i­fests in­clude in­ef­fec­tive meet­ings, fail­ure to del­e­gate, fo­cus­ing on ur­gent tasks in­stead of im­por­tant tasks, lack of ef­fec­tive pro­ce­dures and poli­cies, mi­cro-man­ag­ing and in­de­ci­sion.

Lead­ers who are con­stantly busy putting out fires, as it were, are un­able to do any of the “big-pic­ture” think­ing that leads to real or­gan­i­sa­tional growth.

With proper time man­age­ment, how­ever, the op­po­site is true, and lead­ers are af­forded the time for long-term plan­ning and strate­gic de­vel­op­ment, both of their em­ploy­ees as well as the or­gan­i­sa­tion as a whole.

It’s no use you wake up ev­ery morn­ing, drag your­self out of bed, pitch up to work un­mo­ti­vated, and spend the day twid­dling your toes. Wast­ing your time is such an un­healthy habit that some may call you a thief; a thief that’s steal­ing the com­pany’s money by get­ting paid for be­ing a lazy bum.

Each per­son in your depart­ment has the same amount of time to do a dif­fer­ent num­ber of things. No, Sarah isn’t su­per­hu­man (or any other su­per­hero for that mat­ter). She just has more en­ergy and is more mo­ti­vated than you.

The trick is to muster the en­ergy to keep you on a high for longer. Work­ing more hours means a big fat zero hol­low egg if you don’t get things done any­way. Here’s a se­cret: The best man­agers don’t care how much time you spend at your desk, they just want qual­ity re­sults.

How to in­crease pro­duc­tiv­ity

Find a bal­ance be­tween sleep, ex­er­cise and nutri­tion: It doesn’t take a rocket sci­en­tist to know it’ll get your en­ergy up. Ac­tu­ally it took sci­en­tists to prove it. But it’s com­mon knowl­edge now. So use your com­mon knowl­edge and bal­ance your life.

Com­bat pro­cras­ti­na­tion: Be­cause later be­comes one-minute-be­fore- dead­line. Or worse - never. Pro­cras­ti­na­tor may sound awe­some, like Ter­mi­na­tor or Gover­na­tor, but it’s not. Not even al­most.

Pro­duc­tiv­ity and be­ing busy are not the same thing: It is pos­si­ble to be busy do­ing noth­ing. Su­per Sarah al­ready knows that work­ing and get­ting things done are dif­fer­ent. Get se­ri­ous and ask your­self: Is what I’m do­ing right now adding value to my job and growth?

Plan your tasks: Make a to-do list, de­cide how much time each task needs and do it top to bot­tom with­out dis­trac­tions.

Mas­ter the art of say­ing no: If the meet­ing doesn’t con­cern you don’t go. If a task can wait, add it to a fu­ture to-do list. You have to do your best to stick to the task at hand and fol­low your to-do list.

Have a break: Have a Kit Kat if you must. Since you’re not a ro­bot, your mind needs to rest in or­der to re­fo­cus.

Prac­tice, prac­tice, prac­tice: There are no short­cuts in life. Work hard. The more you do it, the eas­ier it gets.

Add some pres­sure: Some­times work is bor­ing. Some­times the tasks and dead­lines are easy and you lose all oomph. And that sucks. But you can get your oomph back! All you have to do is power-up: Add more tasks to your list, set per­sonal goals, do a lot more than the bare min­i­mum, and reach the dead­lines with time to spare. Work­ing un­der pres­sure awak­ens a drive you never knew you had.

Don’t rely on your mem­ory: Take notes, al­ways. Hu­mans suck at re­mem­ber­ing stuff. Write down ev­ery­thing. Or if you want to be fancy and com­pli­cated, use your phone’s voice recorder.

Now get off Face­book: You al­ready know this. Face­book wastes time that you could be us­ing for bet­ter.

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HOW a leader man­ages his or her time is im­por­tant.

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