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IN a re­port en­ti­tled “Mo­sisili thumbs nose at amer­ica”, our sis­ter news­pa­per, the Sun­day Ex­press quoted Prime Min­is­ter Pakalitha Mo­sisili as say­ing that he had re­ceived a call from a Mil­le­nium Chal­lenge Cor­po­ra­tion (MCC) of­fi­cial who had in­formed him of amer­ica’s de­ci­sion to with­hold aid to Le­sotho be­cause amer­ica wants to con­vince it­self that peace and sta­bil­ity pre­vails in Le­sotho be­fore re­sum­ing aid.

our quotation read as fol­lows: “yes­ter­day, I was called from amer­ica by one of the MCC of­fi­cials. He was talk­ing about le­sotho’s re­la­tion with amer­ica; he told me that they are hold­ing their horses in terms of giv­ing us do­na­tions. He said this de­ci­sion was reached at be­cause Amer­ica first wanted to con­vince it­self that in­deed there is peace and sta­bil­ity in Le­sotho. He said amer­ica wanted to be sure that the Le­sotho army is un­der civil­ian con­trol, so I said to him there was no prob­lem at all. They can wait un­til they are sat­is­fied that the army is not out of or­der……..”

We have learnt through the Prime Min­is­ter’s key ad­vi­sors, dr Fako Likoti and Mrs Mamello Mor­ri­son, that dr Mo­sisili was not happy with our story.

We have re­viewed the en­tire record­ing of the speech the Prime Min­is­ter made at a gath­er­ing of the Le­sotho de­fence Force (LDF) in Qacha’s Nek and sat­is­fied our­selves that the Prime Min­is­ter never specif­i­cally sin­gled out hav­ing spo­ken to an MCC of­fi­cial.

In­stead the Prime Min­is­ter men­tioned in gen­eral that he had spo­ken to some­one from Amer­ica with­out specif­i­cally say­ing this per­son was from the MCC. In fact he never men­tioned the MCC but said in gen­eral “yes­ter­day I was talk­ing with one of the in­ter­na­tional peo­ple who had called me from amer­ica…..

Though the rest of the quotation is cor­rect, we were wrong in in­clud­ing that the PM had spokem to an MCC of­fi­cial as he never made ref­er­ence to an MCC of­fi­cial.

The Prime Min­is­ter has also taken um­brage with one of our poster boards which read: “We don’t need amer­ica: Mo­sisili”

read as a whole, the essence of the Prime Min­is­ter’s speech was to crit­i­cise aid which comes with con­di­tions that he be­lieves in­fringes on a coun­try’s right to make its own sov­er­eign de­ci­sions. He did not say Le­sotho does not need amer­ica’s aid as the poster im­plied. In­deed Le­sotho needs help from in­ter­na­tional de­vel­op­ment part­ners, but the essence of his speech was that if they de­cide not to give, Le­sotho has no power to force them. Since the amer­i­cans have de­cided to de­fer the vote on Le­sotho’s par­tic­i­pa­tion in the MCC, the jist of the Prime Min­is­ter’s case was to say Le­sotho has no op­tion but to wait un­til the Amer­i­cans have sat­is­fied them­selves that all was well in the coun­try.

In our edi­to­rial in Vol­ume 8 Is­sue 37 of the Le­sotho Times, dr Mo­sisili’s ad­vi­sor dr Likoti was crit­i­cised for say­ing Le­sotho would con­sider tak­ing Zim­bab­wean Pres­i­dent robert Mu­gabe’s ap­proach of “putting Sadc in its place”. How­ever dr Likoti never said Le­sotho was go­ing to take the Zim­babwe ap­proach in the ac­tual story on which the com­ment was based. He only men­tioned Zim­babwe in pass­ing while giv­ing ex­am­ples of coun­tries in which Sadc made rec­om­men­da­tions that were ei­ther ac­cepted or re­jected by the gov­ern­ments of those coun­tries. We sin­cerely apol­o­gise to the Prime Min­is­ter and dr Likoti for th­ese er­rors.

PRIME Min­is­ter’s Political ad­vi­sor dr Fako Likoti.

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