Litjobo sees red over Mo­sisili claims

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DEMO­CRATIC Congress (DC) Youth League Pres­i­dent Thuso Litjobo has dis­missed claims that he is the rin­gleader of a cam­paign to oust party leader Pakalitha Mo­sisili.

Some dis­grun­tled DC youths told the Le­sotho Times that Mr Litjobo and some mem­bers of his ex­ec­u­tive al­legedly want Dr Mo­sisili (70) to re­tire and his deputy, Monyane Moleleki (64), to suc­ceed him.

how­ever, Mr Litjobo rub­bished the al­le­ga­tions, adding dis­ci­plinary ac­tion was be­ing taken against the cul­prits.

“We have since taken var­i­ous dis­ci­plinary mea­sures against th­ese youths who are hell-bent on caus­ing trou­ble be­tween the party leader and his deputy,” Mr Litjobo told the Le­sotho Times.

“We first gave them a ver­bal warn­ing against spread­ing un­founded al­le­ga­tions that the deputy leader wants to over­throw Dr Mo­sisili af­ter the party’s elec­tive con­fer­ence next month.

“But even af­ter this ver­bal warn­ing, which we is­sued at the Youth League’s elec­tive con­fer­ence (in Au­gust this year dur­ing which Mr Litjobo was elected pres­i­dent), they con­tin­ued to go to var­i­ous ra­dio sta­tions to ped­dle their false ac­cu­sa­tions.

“I then con­vened a meet­ing at Thamae Com­mu­nity hall where they were rep­ri­manded for their ac­tions. The party’s Na­tional exec- utive Com­mit­tee also wrote a let­ter call­ing them to or­der but they con­tin­ued to defy any at­tempt to have them raise their con­cerns through proper chan­nels of the party.

“I can­not con­tinue call­ing them to or­der be­cause they seem de­ter­mined to tar­nish the im­age of the party and its lead­er­ship.

“I take it that th­ese peo­ple are not serv­ing the DC any­more or even the party leader they claim to be pro­tect­ing be­cause if they were, they would not have un­der­mined his au­thor­ity when he called them to or­der.”

Ac­cord­ing to Mr Litjobo, some of the youths were be­hind the prob­lems which led to the split of the Le­sotho Congress for Democ­racy (LCD) in Fe­bru­ary 2012. That split led to Dr Mo­sisili, who was LCD leader and prime min­is­ter at the time, form­ing the DC along­side some for­mer LCD heavy­weights. Al­though the DC could not garner the re­quired ma­jor­ity par­lia­men­tary seats in the 26 May 2012 gen­eral elec­tion to re­main in power, the mid­way col­lapse of the three­party govern­ment led by Thomas Tha­bane, saw Dr Mo­sisili back at the helm in March this year. how­ever, this time, the DC was no longer alone in power, but part of a seven-party coali­tion which also com­prised the LCD, Pop­u­lar Front for Democ­racy , Le­sotho Peo­ple’s Congress, Ba­sotho Congress Party , Mare­mat­lou Free­dom Party and Na­tional In­de­pen­dent Party.

But ac­cord­ing to Mr Litjobo, the youths would not desta­bilise the DC un­der his watch.

came pari­ahs in the party, and we have been vic­timised at ev­ery turn since that elec­tion,” said one of the youths.

“We are now be­ing ac­cused of sow­ing divi­sions within the party and driv­ing a wedge be­tween Ntate Mo­sisili and his deputy, Ntate Moleleki. Th­ese are un­for­tu­nate ac­cu­sa­tions be­cause the peo­ple mak­ing them fully know they are not true; the is­sue of divi­sions in the DC has been there for some time now and it has noth­ing to do with us. This is just an ex­cuse to ex­pel us from the party be­fore next month’s elec­tive con­fer­ence. Th­ese peo­ple know that if we are not there at the con­fer­ence, then the re­sults will go in their favour and

“Th­ese peo­ple have de­clared war against me be­cause they fear that hat DC mem­bers could be trust­ing me too much. And to bring me down,n, they are fabri­cat­ing all sorts off lies about me; they are say­ing I’m fight­ing Dr Mo­sisili and also that Mokola (Po­lice Min­is­ter Moleleki) is fight­ing our leader.ader. I don’t have any rea­sons too be fight­ing my leader,” he said. .

“Th­ese claims that we want to un­seat the leader are oldd tac­tics used by peo­ple who wantnt to see him step down. Th­ese peo­pleeo­ple nor­mally be­gin their cam­paigns aigns by mak­ing false ac­cu­sa­tions against in­no­cent peo­ple, the sameme way th­ese youths are do­ing again­stnst me.

“But they are just like un­guid­ed­nguided mis­siles. Their in­ten­tion iss to re­move the deputy leader when en we go to the elec­tive con­fer­ence inn Jan­uary. So what do they do? They come up with claims that would taint the im­age of Ntate Molele­oleleki just be­fore the elec­tion.

“We are aware that the­sese un­guided mis­siles want to o win peo­ple’s sym­pa­thy soo that they can re­place Ntate te Moleleki with a can­di­date of their choice come elec­tion time. me.

“We know they are be­ingg backed by some min­is­ters who fear ar los­ing their jobs when the prime min­is­ter de­cides on a cab­i­net reshuf­fle. The min­is­ters know that there are peo­ple who are bet­ter de­serv­ing of the posts, which is why they want to take over the lead­er­ship of the party. They want to do so at next year’s elec­tive con­fer­ence, which is why they are try­ing to drive a wedge

peo­ple who sup­port Ntate Moleleki will be elected to the Na­tional ex­ec­u­tive Com­mit­tee, paving the way for him to be leader in 2018.”

The youths also ac­cused the party lead­er­ship of not pro­tect­ing them in the face of such se­ri­ous ac­cu­sa­tions.

“We are con­cerned that we have been or­dered to stop speak­ing on ra­dios about our griev­ances, but those who want to re­move Ntate Mo­sisili as party leader have never been rep­ri­manded de­spite us­ing so­cial net­work chat groups to fur­ther their cause.

“What is also wor­ry­ing is that in all the fo­rums where our is­sues are sup­posed to be ad­dressed, we are only in­sulted and never given the be­tween Dr Mo­sisili and Min­is­ter Moleleki.

“But we won’t let that hap­pen for as long as we are in the party’s Youth League. And this cer­tainly won’t hap­pen when I am the leader of the Youth League; not un­der my watch,” fumed Mr Litjobo.

chance to raise our con­cerns,” said an­other dis­grun­tled youth.

how­ever, the party’s sec­re­tary gen­eral, Ralechate ‘Mokose, told the Le­sotho Times that there were nei­ther divi­sions within the DC nor an agenda to re­move Dr Mo­sisili.

Mr ‘Mokose, who is also Wa­ter Affairs Min­is­ter, fur­ther said the party was “try­ing its best” to re­solve griev­ances that arise in the run-up to such a cru­cial con­fer­ence.

“When a party goes for such a huge task, there will al­ways be con­flict and never-end­ing griev­ances. how­ever, what should be clear is that no party mem­ber wants to re­move the leader; such claims are not only base­less but also ma­li­cious,” said Mr ‘Mokose.

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