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Mov­ing house can be an ex­cit­ing time, but it can also be a time of sig­nif­i­cant stress- es­pe­cially if you de­cide to do it your­self. Mov­ing on your own can save you a lot of money, but keep­ing on top of ev­ery­thing takes some plan­ning.

Here are five sim­ple ways to take con­trol of your next move so you can save your money and your san­ity.

First, make a plan. Even if you hire a mov­ing com­pany, hav­ing a mov­ing plan is im­por­tant. But if you’re plan­ning to do the work your­self, this is even more es­sen­tial. Buy a loose-leaf note­book, pa­per and di­viders, in­clud­ing a few with pock­ets.

This will serve as your “Mov­ing Day Tool­kit,” a cen­tralised lo­ca­tion where you can store check­lists and keep track of re­ceipts and quotes on truck rentals, pack­ing ma­te­ri­als and other mov­ing-re­lated ex­penses.

Don’t skip this step: Hav­ing a note­book that serves as an easy ref­er­ence for ev­ery­thing you need makes the mov­ing process much less stress­ful.

2. Pare down your be­long­ings. Go through your home and get rid of as much as you can be­fore your move. Be ruth­less. Do­nate items you no longer want or need to char­ity or ar­range to sell them on­line.

Hav­ing a garage sale to raise some ex­tra money is cer­tainly an op­tion, but it’s time-con­sum­ing, so only choose this op­tion if you’re sure you can com­mit the time and en­ergy to it with­out feel­ing over­whelmed.

Re­mem­ber: the more you get rid of now, the less you’ll have to pack. Plus, it gives you an op­por­tu­nity (or an ex­cuse) to buy a few new items to dec­o­rate your new home to your lik­ing.

Take time to pack elec­tron­ics. Make sure your elec­tron­ics are prop­erly pre­pared to with­stand the move to your new home. Most mov­ing com­pa­nies sell boxes specif­i­cally for items like flat-screen tele­vi­sions, or use heavy-duty boxes made for books and dishes for added pro­tec­tion.

Dis­con­nect cords from elec­tron­ics and wrap them so they don’t scratch your devices. If you’re wor­ried you won’t re­mem­ber how to re­con­nect them, take a photo be­fore dis­con­nect­ing the wires so you have an easy ref­er­ence later.

Pack “smart” Af­ter purg­ing your be­long­ings, take an in­ven­tory of the re­main­ing items so you can de­ter­mine the num­ber and sizes of the boxes you’ll need, as well as other pack­ing sup­plies like pack­ing pa­per, tape, la­bels and per­ma­nent mark­ers.

Be­gin pack­ing non-es­sen­tial items like out-of-sea­son cloth­ing, pic­tures and other house­hold ac­ces­sories as soon as pos­si­ble to avoid a rush dur­ing the fi­nal days be­fore your move.

De­cide which items will need to be placed in the truck first (gener- ally, larger, heav­ier items go in first, fol­lowed by lighter items) and where each item or box will need to be placed once you ar­rive.

Most im­por­tantly, la­bel boxes clearly, prefer­ably on two or more sides so you don’t have to search for the la­bel.

For those re­ally del­i­cate and break­able items, it’s ideal to la­bel the box ‘han­dle with care’.

Don’t for­get to pack an “es

sen­tials” box. His box should con­tain ev­ery­thing you need for your first few days and nights at your new home. Hav­ing th­ese items packed sep­a­rately makes it easy to get through those first hec­tic days with­out the need to rum­mage through boxes look­ing for items you need to use right away.

Some items to in­clude: ● Toi­let pa­per ● Per­sonal toi­letries in­clud­ing tooth­paste, soap, deodor­ant and shampoo ● A few plates and uten­sils ● Dish soap ● Pet food ● A torch and ex­tra bat­ter­ies or can­dles and matches ● A small tool­kit ● Scis­sors ● Snacks and easy-to-pre­pare foods ● A shower cur­tain ● One or more changes of cloth­ing

If you have chil­dren, let them pack their own essentials box with cloth­ing, toi­letries and a few toys or games.

Fol­low­ing th­ese five sim­ple tips should al­le­vi­ate some of the stress out of mov­ing, and with hope- leave you more time to fo­cus on the fun and ad­ven­ture of mov­ing to a new place.

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Avoid over-fo­cus on one room such as the kitchen, while the oth­ers are ig­nored.

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