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TAK­ING the time to find the per­fect bed­room cup­board stor­age will save you time down the road search­ing for that per­fect dress you know is in there some­where.

Here are 11 stor­age so­lu­tions to con­sider…

Ro­tat­ing your wardrobe Keep out of sea­son cloth­ing out of the way by ro­tat­ing your wardrobe. This ex­tends to your shoes as well — store your ‘warm weather’ shoes in clearly la­belled shoe boxes, which can be eas­ily stacked up and opened for­ward. If you can, find boxes that are large enough to fit two pairs of shoes to max­imise stor­age.

Dividng draw­ers Where pos­si­ble use drawer di­viders for socks and un­der­wear and go through this drawer reg­u­larly to toss out sin­gle socks and old un­der­wear. These draw­ers can get full quickly so keep an eye on them.

Shelv­ing bas­kets and di­viders If your shelves are too far apart, use hang­ing shelf bas­kets to cre­ate another small di­vi­sion that could be used for gym clothes or swim­ming cos­tumes.on the other hand, shelf di­viders are use­ful for stacks of tshirts and jer­seys as they keep them from fall­ing over.

Clothes on a rail If you have the space, in­stall another clothes rail above or be­low your ex­ist­ing one. If your cup­board can only ac­com­mo­date one rail, max­imise the space be­low with trol­leys or shelves. This will cre­ate di­vi­sions where there weren’t any.

Tiered hang­ers Store four skirts on one hanger with ease us­ing tiered hang­ers. Do the same with trousers.

Con­tainer stor­age If you need con­tain­ers in your cup­board, make sure they are clear so that you can eas­ily see what is inside them. Don’t mix and match con­tain­ers — keep the colours and sizes con­sis­tent as this keeps things look­ing or­gan­ised and un­clut­tered. Re­mem­ber to la­bel them so that you know what’s inside.

Shoe hang­ers Hang up your shoes. Fab­ric shoe pock­ets or a shoe or­gan­iser at­tached to the back of your cup­board door pro­vides great stor­age. Try to get one that can ac­com­mo­date one shoe per pocket. Larger pairs can then go into your shoe boxes.

Use cup­board or­gan­is­ers Up­board or­gan­is­ers can be used to hang up your small hand­bags and jew­ellery. These can hang on the inside of your cup­board door or over the rail.

Hook things up In­stall screw-in hooks inside your cup­board door for hats, belts and neck­laces. It’s amaz­ing how much you can fit on a door.

Add a towel rail Adding a small tie or towel rail onto the inside of your cup­board will give you space to hang your scarves. Dou­ble up the scarf, thread it over the rail and pull through the loop so they don’t slip off. Al­ter­na­tively, use a scarf or­gan­iser hanger that fits over the rail.

Stack up your bags If you don’t or­gan­ise your bags you’ll prob­a­bly land up us­ing the same one over and again. Stack them like books on a shelf so that you can eas­ily pull them out. For those bags that keep on fall­ing over, us­ing a file di­vider in the cup­board might help.

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Screw-in hooks is an al­ter­na­tive while still search­ing for a bed­room cup­board

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