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Larona. IN re­sponse to “If I were Ntate Mot­soa­hae. . . I would head to Ha Abia yes­ter­day” ( Le­sotho Times 31 March 2016) I again re­spond to Scru­ta­tor’s whin­ing and an un­met need for a play­mate to her mud-sling­ing game, this time about my leader ( Ntate Tha­bane).

I re­spond be­cause she charged that I had a mis­un­der­stand­ing and she deeply an­noyed me on the is­sue of names. Four times she tried and failed my names, and on two oc­ca­sions in­cor­rectly spelt Ntate Mot­soa­hae. And this is one colum­nist that I take se­ri­ously enough to re­ply.

I hold her to ac­count, see­ing that she writes with one foot off the ground and her mind hazed with con­tempt for her sub­jects. I could not be her class­mate at jour­nal­ism school, but it’s a se­ri­ous con­tempt and dero­ga­tion for a colum­nist to repet­i­tively mis­spell her sub­jects’ names.

I can al­ready hear her groan and jus­tify that she and I are in a de­lib­er­ate spell-er­ror con­tract since her first ar­ti­cle. But she never sig­naled on the trend tak­ing on per­sonal names, es­pe­cially of Ntate Tha­bane who is not, and can­not be in this mud-sling.

Let me de­con­gest my an­noy­ance and get to the few points that we seem to mu­tu­ally agree for progress’ sake.

First, we agree that the op­po­si­tion MPS’ boy­cott of Par­lia­ment was not a fu­tile en­de­vour.

Se­condly, it re­sulted Prime Min­is­ter Pakalitha Mo­sisili ad­mit­ting that ‘ rea hlokanang’ (we need each other) un­less Scru­ta­tor thinks that the re­al­iza­tion ap­plies only to the seven party coali­tion govern­ment.

Third, we agree that the as­sas­si­na­tion of Lt-gen Maa­parankoe Ma­hao is the only rea­son SADC’S Dr Lawrence-tax was on the front-page of a re­cent edi­tion of the Le­sotho Times. Hence, fourth is the com­mon knowl­edge that Ntate Mo­sisili and com­pany still do not have a road-map nor a progress re­port be­fit­ting a sit­ting govern­ment.

Fifth, Scru­ta­tor and I agree that Ntate Mo­sisili is ut­terly hope­less to ad­dress his own seven-headed mon­ster’s fail­ure to com­ply with the terms of the SADC Com­mu­nique of Jan­uary 2016.

We also agree, sixth, that a re­cent UNAU Com­mu­nique of March 2016 projects the spirit of the SADC Com­mu­nique on Le­sotho’s in­se­cu­rity. Seventh - as in the seven headed mon­ster that is our cur­rent govern­ment — we still agree to dis­agree with my mud-sling coun­ter­part Screw­ta­tor.

Our dis­agree­ment is no longer on whether or not op­po­si­tion MPS go to Parly, but on whether or not Ntate Tha­bane comes home. Deep in her ar­ti­cle, Scru­ta­tor’s own paral­y­sis of anal­y­sis (as stated by Ntate Mo­sisili’s Po­lit­i­cal Ad­vi­sor vi­sor Fako Likoti in an­other ar­ti­cle e in the Le­sotho Times) ar­gues that Ntate Kamoli has the com­mon sense nse and logic to see the point of spar­ing my lead­ers’ life.

The anal­y­sisy­sis un­veils Scru­ta­tor’s hol­low view of is­sues and I note that first, rst, she uses nei­ther sci­ence nor his­tory to base her views, or shehe would know Ein­stein’s (who I doubtbt she’s heard of) the­ory that “logic get­sets you from… A to B, but imag­i­na­tion gets you every­where”.

Does she know in what traf­fic jam the com­mon n sense of Bo- Ntate Mo­sisili and Kamoli were stuck on 25 June 2015 when Ma­haoao was as­sas­si­nated at Mokema? ? No. So, she re­gur­gi­tates s the very logic that she e tries to make me swal­low. I will have that logic over my dead body and only by en­ema.

Sec­ond, ou­rur his­tory should have taught Scru that Ntate Ntsu came home af­ter 23 years in ex­ile in Gaborone, (not Ficks­burg) to a land­slide vic­tory in the 1993 elec­tion.

I cast my maiden vote while Scru was prob­a­bly just start­ing pre-school, un­less she is an old lady who has yet to make sense of Le­sotho’s cor­pus-poli­tik.

She knows that his­tory re­peats it­self, and Ntate Tom will come home to his sec­ond elec­tion vic­tory. It won’t take that long, nor will it be a land­slide, but a flush­ing of Size 2 and DJ Wa­ters, and will crush the seven-headed mon­ster into the finest po­lit­i­cal dust.

Fact: the more Ntate Tha­bane stays in Ficks­burg, the stronger we have shown and will re­main to be. A PS friend of mine who was a hater of the congress ide­ol­ogy and of Ntate Ntsu in par­tic­u­lar, now adores Size 2 and ac­cuses Ntate Tha­bane of be­ing a sym­pa­thy-mon­ger by stay­ing in Ficks­burg.

It is as if sym­pa­thy is taboo or stay­ing where you feel safer for your fol­low­ers, friends and fam­ily is a crime. I un­der­stand a lit­tle of my friends’ self­ish-belly mo­tive but I have much big­ger trust in Ntate Tha­bane’s judg­ment re­gard­ing his own wel­fare.

The pol­i­tics are that the ABC holds ral­lies ev­ery Sun­day and Scru­ta­tor hardly sees any DC or LCD rally of note. It’s the (false) neo-congress that we see with Size 2 to­day — a po­lit­i­cal self-cas­tra­tion that comes and goes only with po­si­tions paid for by the tax­pay­ers. He ar­ro­gantly wasted an in­her­i­tance of 80-strong head of po­lit­i­cal cat­tle that the old-man Ntate Ntsu left in his guardian­ship.

He in­vented all sorts of chi­caner­ies to de­ceive the peo­ple into think­ing he loved our country. While Scru and I do the mud-sling, his once strong fort is well and truly crum­bled.

He will have to ac­count to the an­ces­tors of the (true) congress on how and why in his charge, the congress fam­ily scat­tered like snooker balls and Ba­sotho unity left derelict, why now op­po­si­tion (a hall­mark of democ­racy) feels un­safe enough to flee again (as in 1970) and why a com­man­der of LDF (Lt-gen Ma­hao) was killed and no one held to ac­count and why an­other com­man­der (Scru­ta­tor’s King Kamoli) has usurped civil­ian power.

For th­ese in­dict­ments, Size 2 will walk alone and in shame past the gates of heaven to his de­served des­ti­na­tion, and he will again quiver with fear as he did when booed by op­po­si­tion MPS in Fe­bru­ary 2016 in Parly.

But Scrutty wants to keep Size 2. She wants a quick-fix wherein 1) Ntate Tom first and quickly (as in yes­ter­day, she wrote), comes home; 2) King Kamoli sud­denly has the un­com­mon sense to stay cool; 3) Size 2 lives his ironies of ’sech­aba ke poho’ and then self-con­tra­dicts ‘ke p pana poho e bohla’ and con­tin­ues to mis­gove mis­gov­ern Le­sotho through our 50th In­de­pen­dence A An­niver­sary. She wants to see the na­tion con con­tinue to starve and re­main (as per the UN UN-SADC Com­mu­nique of March, 2016) in tan­gotan with So­ma­lia as two ex­am­ples of very b bad gov­er­nance, chronic poverty and dis­ease dis­ease, whose eco­nomic and so­cial in­di­ca­tors nee need re­sus­ci­ta­tion.

Ev­i­dently, the US now has big doubts in­vest­ing in Le­sotho b be­cause of Size 2’s dic­ta­to­rial gov­er­nance. SADC is pissed off, SA is tired of him (desp (de­spite Zuma’s own faults), and the peo­ple of L Le­sotho are deeply frus­trated. Size 2 squarely blames Ntate Tom for the myr­iad of fi­asc cos in govern­ment, and only be­cause of the 2012-2015 ten­ure.

He is not ac­count­ing for Lt-gen Ma­hao. How can he ac­count for Ntate Tom should we risk buy­ing Scru’s blind op­ti­mism and lose him? We all want him back home, but Scru’s tim­ing is naive and much too op­ti­mistic. In con­clu­sion Ed­i­tor, Scru­ta­tor af­firms that if she were Ntate Tom, she would just risk and come home to a govern­ment who take no ac­tion on a long list of killings of its own peo­ple.

She wants the All Ba­sotho Con­ven­tion leader to be an­other lit­mus test of how things went with bo- Ntate Ba­holo (who lit­er­ally asked for help through a win­dow), Ramahloko, and many oth­ers. Now we speak Lt. Gen. Ma­hao. The only rea­son Ntate Kamoli would not harm Ntate Tha­bane would be if he is tired of hav­ing the LDF ac­cused of killing its own peo­ple, not be­cause his pup­pets (not prin­ci­pals) at DC/ LCD fear the con­se­quences enough to want Ntate Tom off.

That’s be­cause they fear that he will (yes he will) re­turn to power in Gods time and will, to straighten a few things out.

Scru, if, as you seem tired of writ­ing for Le­sotho Times — the pa­per whose name says it all — go home, rest your pen and re­think your days in journo school. Now that’s some sense and logic.

And when you be­gin to see the point of it all, one by one of op­po­si­tion MPS will come and share a milk­shake (a yet un-kept prom­ise), and change the topic to some­thing more re­al­is­tic. Mon­aphathi Maraka MP

ABC leader thomas tha­bane

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