What con­fi­dent women do not do

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Con­fi­dent women are in­spir­ing, ad­mirable, and seem to have every­thing all fig­ured out. In ad­di­tion to that, they seem to climb the cor­po­rate lad­der a lot faster than oth­ers.

There are a few habits that you need to elim­i­nate from your pro­fes­sional life to en­sure that you too get no­ticed by your su­pe­ri­ors at work, just like them.

Th­ese are the five things that con­fi­dent women never do... Con­fi­dent women do not con­form: Con­fi­dent women don’t wear, say, do, or be­come any­thing they don’t be­lieve in. What oth­ers are do­ing just isn’t im­por­tant. They have no in­ter­est in win­ning the ‘pop­u­lar­ity con­test.’

They un­der­stand that what is im­por­tant is look­ing in­side them­selves and sim­ply do­ing what they love (and if it hap­pens to be the same as what oth­ers are do­ing, that’s okay too.)

Con­fi­dent women don’t com­pare them­selves to oth­ers. They un­der­stand that each per­son has their own jour­ney and val­ues. For ex­am­ple, see­ing their peer’s so­cial me­dia posts does not make them feel any less ac­com­plished or pretty or smart or any­thing. Con­fi­dent women do not get jeal­ous of oth­ers: in fact, they are happy enough with their own lives so they gen­uinely feel happy for oth­ers. Con­fi­dent women give their friends and peers their due. Self-as­sured women love watch­ing oth­ers soar.

They are con­fi­dent with their own plans and the di­rec­tion of their life (and what’s im­por­tant for their own per­sonal fu­ture) that they have no in­ter­est in com­pe­ti­tion.

They rel­ish in the won­der­ful op­por­tu­nity of learn­ing from their friends, not com­pet­ing with (or win­ning) them. Con­fi­dent women do not fear mak­ing mis­takes: Con­fi­dent women are not dis­cour­aged by mis­takes, both pro­fes­sion­ally and per­son­ally. Con­fi­dent women re­spect them­selves and al­ready know their worth. They are happy to change their per­cep­tions in light of new in­for­ma­tion. Feel­ing em­bar­rassed over be­ing wrong is quickly re­placed with ela­tion at learn­ing some­thing new. They re­alise that change is healthy, and learn­ing to change and im­prove is a gift.

They are able to look within, think about their weak­nesses and work through it. Most peo­ple fight against their short­com­ings and deny it. But con­fi­dent women know that they can fo­cus on their strengths and har­vest them.

they re­ally aren’t afraid of im- per­fec­tion, which is the rea­son why they are able to voice their opin­ion and share new ideas with­out hes­i­ta­tion. Con­fi­dent women don’t take things per­son­ally: Con­fi­dent women un­der­stand that your opin­ion is about you, not them. They re­alise that your ideas and feel­ings stem from a life that they haven’t lived, dif­fer­ent from their own. That’s how they’re able to find value in ev­ery­one’s opin­ion, even if it chal­lenges their own.

not only are they not eas­ily of­fended be­cause they be­lieve in them­selves and know their worth, but they ap­pre­ci­ate healthy de­bate - and they ap­pre­ci­ate con­struc­tive crit­i­cism too. Con­fi­dent women don’t doubt their abil­i­ties: Be­cause con­fi­dent women are aware of their strengths and weak­nesses and re­alise that they are in con­trol, they know that they can achieve any­thing.

It is due to this sim­ple be­lief that they are then able to achieve so much. They fight their way through ob­sta­cles and pro­duce ex­cep­tional work.

They know what they’re good at, ask for as­sis­tance with things that they usu­ally strug­gle with, and move on.

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Con­fi­dent women don’t com­pare them­selves to oth­ers.

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