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HOW do you know when it’s time to re­place your toi­let? Your toi­let is one of those things you just take for granted, un­til some­thing goes wrong. If your toi­let is wonky, leak­ing or has a crack, it may be time to re­place it.

This is ac­cord­ing to Jo­han Kemp from Plum­ber Pre­to­ria who says fig­ur­ing out the cause of the prob­lem is the best way to en­sure you get a timely and ef­fec­tive so­lu­tion.

He says there are some mi­nor is­sues that you can solve your­self, but some prob­lems are bet­ter re­solved with a re­place­ment. So when is it time to re­place your toi­let?

Cracks in the tank If your toi­let tank de­vel­ops cracks, it’s time to re­place it. If the tank is cracked, you’ll most likely no­tice wa­ter col­lect­ing on the floor around the toi­let. A cracked and leak­ing tank calls for re­place­ment rather than re­pair.

Ac­cord­ing ng to Jo­han, wa­ter around thee toi­let can some­times be caused by con­den­sa­tion or ero­sion of the wash­ers where the bolt holes les are lo­cated, un­der the tank. nk.

He says a good plum­ber can help de­ter­mine whether your tanknk is cracked or if there is a more be­nign ex­pla­na­tion. n.

Cracks in the bowl A cracked bowl is an­other sign thatat your toi­let needs to be re­placed. In this in­stances­tance you’ll no­tice wa­ter,ater, which may have an un­pleas­ant smell, l, gath­er­ing around thee base of the toi­let.

Wa­ter canan also pool if a toi­let is blocked. How­ever, if the toi­let is func­tion­ingg nor­mally, the most likely causes are a cracked cked tank or cracked bowl. owl.

You may have to re­move the toi­let to lo­cate the crack in the bowl or call a plum­ber to help you.

Jo­han says leaks from ei­ther the tank or the bowl will re­duce your wa­ter ef­fi­ciency and can also lead to wa­ter dam­age to the floor or even rooms be­low. You have an old toi­let If you own an old model loo, it’s worth re­plac­ing even if it seems to be work­ing prop­erly. An older toi­let will be much less ef­fi­cient, us­ing more wa­ter, cre­atin cre­at­ing high util­ity bills. Jo­han says re­plac­ing your t toi­let with a newer one will save you money on your bills in the long run, and is a greene greener choice too. He says newer mod­els in­clude l low flow and dual flush toi­lets de­signed to us use less wa­ter. Older toi­lets also tend to ge get scratched over time, mak­ing them a lo lot harder to clean. A new m model will be in top con­dit con­di­tion and will be much ea eas­ier to keep clean and hy hy­gienic.

It needs re­pair­ing oft of­ten If your toile toi­let is in con­stant need o of re­pairs, or you find yo your­self hav­ing to plun plunge it more than once a week, there comes a poi point when it’s re­ally more c cost ef­fec­tive to in­vest in a new model. If you find that you’re al­ways hav­ing­hav to call a plum­ber o or carry out DIY fixes y your­self, it’s time to con con­sider a re­place­ment. If you still have an old model toi­let,toi­let you might find that th the parts you need for re­pairs are in­creas­ingly harder to get a hold of.

Track­ing down the parts and car­ry­ing out re­pairs will soon add up in terms of money and time wasted. If this re­sem­bles your cir­cum­stances, per­haps it’s time to swap your toi­let for a newer model.

You no­tice it wob­bling Your toi­let shouldn’t rock or wob­ble. If you no­tice it move when you sit down, it’s time to as­sess whether it needs to be re­placed.

Jo­han says some­times, a mov­ing toi­let is a re­sult of a loose bolt or washer. If that’s the case, a plum­ber will be able to as­sess it and fix it for you, with­out a re­place­ment be­ing needed.

How­ever, if the prob­lem is caused by too much wear and tear, cor­ro­sion or other dam­age to your toi­let, you’ll need a re­place­ment.

Ap­pear­ance and com­fort Your toi­let doesn’t need to be bro­ken for you to get a re­place­ment. If it isn’t com­fort­able, or has a dated colour scheme that makes your bath­room look a lit­tle too retro, you might de­cide a re­place­ment is the way to go.

With so many dif­fer­ent mod­els and colour schemes on the mar­ket, re­plac­ing your toi­let can up­date the look of your bath­room and make it a more pleas­ant and com­fort­able place to be.

If your toi­let is leak­ing, wob­bling or caus­ing you headaches by al­ways break­ing down or back­ing up, it’s time for a new model. You’ll save money in the long run and pre­vent po­ten­tial dam­age to your bath­room too. — Prop­erty24

If your toi­let is in con­stant need of re­pairs, or you find your­self hav­ing to plunge it more than once a week, there comes a point when it’s re­ally more cost ef­fec­tive to in­vest in a new model.

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