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THE pub­lic needs to send a strong mes­sage to the famo artists that; if the killings con­tinue, we will stop buy­ing the mu­sic. It is also the re­spon­si­bil­ity of artists to pro­duce clean mu­sic in help­ing to fight against the killings. IN re­sponse to “MMM freezes funds” ( Le­sotho Times, 5 May 2016) life is all about tak­ing risks. You have to use money to make money.

Every mem­ber of MMM Global joined know­ing all the risks in-

Tieho Tee­mann Sele­balo. HOW do these de­ci­sion mak­ers sleep at night “New salaries for chief jus­tice, judges re­vealed” ( Le­sotho Times, 5 May 2016)?

How can there be such a dis­par­ity in wages be­tween civil ser­vants, who al­legedly work for the peo­ple, and the ac­tual peo­ple them­selves, who strug­gle to feed their fam­i­lies.

These high rank­ing of­fi­cials get more in monthly hous­ing al­lowances that the av­er­age Ba­sotho worker earns in monthly salary. Shame! Andy Mcdougall.

IN re­sponse to “Tha­bane wants SADC to ‘take charge’ of army” ( Le­sotho Times, 5 May 2016), volved. They know it is a mat­ter of win­ning or los­ing.

But what I have re­alised is that gov­ern­ments and banks are al­ways against things that help peo­ple get rich as long they don’t ben­e­fit from them. So I don’t real- I think it is about time that we as Ba­sotho start pray­ing earnestly to God to bring back our beloved coun­try to san­ity and sta­bil­ity.

The hap­pen­ings in our coun­try are a great cause for con­cern. Let’s put our dif­fer­ences aside and pray the Almighty. God will make a way. Let’s put our faith in Him to lead us out of this mess.

I COULDN’T have said it bet­ter than this Ntate Tha­bane “Tha­bane wants SADC to ‘take charge’ of army” ( Le­sotho Times, 5 May 2016). That is the only vi­able op­tion open to us as a coun­try. Any­thing short of this would be short lived! ly know why the govern­ment and cen­tral bank are wor­ried about peo­ple join­ing MMM and not just let them en­joy the money while they can.

It is not like the govern­ment is do­ing any­thing to bet­ter the lives Itume­leng Sekho­nyana.

Facts: MMM has not col­lapsed. Old mavros be­fore 29 April 2016 were put in one bas­ket in or­der to pro­tect peo­ple who put in their monies. No one will lose their monies. MMM restarted yes, like it did in Philip­pines and in China, and no one lost any of their ini­tial monies they pro­vided help with.

The sys­tem is now re­cov­er­ing. In due course there will be au­to­matic get help to those peo­ple who need all their monies. They are en­cour­aged to pro­vide help with that money in or­der to al­low the sys­tem to re­cover faster. Long live MMM.

Mokatsa Snr Mokatsa.

GUYS, white maize meal is not even nu­tri­tious “White maize short­age looms” ( Le­sotho Times, 5 May 2016). It is ba­si­cally just starch! It has been phys­i­cally en­hanced or for­ti­fied be­cause they bleach all the nat­u­ral good­ness out of it to keep it white and “fluffy” which does not make sense.

Trust me, you are bet­ter off eat­ing yel­low maize meal. You can­not even com­pare the nu­tri­tional value. And it’s in its most nat­u­ral form. With no preser­va­tives.

Lindiwe Makhoali. of Ba­sotho. Let Ba­sotho live and en­joy this while it lasts. Grace.

IF you haven’t in­vested in MMM Global why worry? Is it a dis­ap­point­ment to see your neigh­bour

GO­ING to the bank to bor­row money is a risk on its own. So the Cen­tral Bank of Le­sotho and all the peo­ple claim­ing to be con­cerned should just leave us alone and let us pros­per in peace. MMM is the new short-term bank.


MMM founder Sergei Mavrodi

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