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KEEP­ING your house clean can seem like an up­hill bat­tle at times. You want to live in a clean, wel­com­ing home, but who can re­ally find time to clean top to bot­tom while jug­gling other com­mit­ments such as work and fam­ily? A cleaner home is a has­sle-free home. When your home is clean, you feel more re­laxed in it. You feel more con­fi­dent about en­ter­tain­ing or when an un­ex­pected vis­i­tor drops round. A lovely, clean home is a real mood booster too.

Keep­ing your sur­round­ings pleas­ant doesn’t have to be an in­con­ve­nience. There’s one sim­ple trick you can use to make your home lovely with min­i­mal ef­fort, and that’s tack­ling the lit­tle tasks.

There are many clean­ing tasks that you can do in five min­utes or less. Keep on top of those, and be­fore you know it, your home will be sparkling clean.

In the kitchen The kitchen quickly gets grubby as food is pre­pared in it through­out the day. Keep it spot­less with these tricks:

1. Wipe down coun­ter­tops A speedy wipe down af­ter every use takes sec­onds, and keeps your coun­ters free of crumbs and spills.

2. Clean the hob If you do it reg­u­larly, clean­ing the hob needn’t be a ma­jor task. Wipe it down as soon as you spot a spill.

3. Rinse the sink A quick rinse af­ter every use will keep your sink clean.

4. Soak pans and uten­sils It takes a few min­utes to do this. As soon as you’re fin­ished us­ing them, soak your pans and uten­sils in hot wa­ter. This will save you a lot of time spent scrub­bing later.

5. Take out the trash An in­door dust­bin can start smelling quickly, so take it out reg­u­larly.

6. Dis­in­fect It takes five min­utes to go over your sink, hob or coun­ters with a dis­in­fec­tant spray, mak­ing your kitchen cleaner and safer.

In the bath­room Tak­ing care of these quick tasks will keep your bath­room sparkling:

7. Clean the toi­let You don’t have to spend ages scrub­bing, just swish the toi­let brush around the bowl and give the rim a wipe with a cloth every day. This will keep your toi­let clean.

8. Wash tow­els Gather up damp tow­els and wash cloths and get a load of laun­dry go­ing.

9. Wipe down the sink A quick wipe will keep your sink free of tooth­paste splat­ters.

10. Un­clog your drains You can pour drain un­blocker down the drain and leave it to work while you do some­thing else.

11. Wipe the mir­rors Sparkling clean mir­rors will make your bath­room look much bet­ter.

12. Clean the shower door or cur­tain Wipe down your shower door or spray an an­ti­mould prod­uct over your cur­tain to keep your shower free of mould and mildew.

In the bed­room Your bed­room will be much more rest­ful if you neaten it up with these easy-to-do tips:

13. Make the bed It’s the sim­plest thing, but a cou­ple of min­utes straight­en­ing out your bed will leave your bed­room look­ing much cleaner.

14. Put clothes away You can hang or fold a lot of clothes in five min­utes. This will make your bed­room look much bet­ter.

15. Wipe down fur­ni­ture tops Sweep the tops of bed­side ta­bles or chests of draw­ers with a soft duster for an in­stantly cleaner bed­room.

16. Tidy clut­ter If you spot jewellery or beauty prod­ucts strewn about the bed­room, take five min­utes to put them back in their right­ful place.

17. Fill the laun­dry ham­per Pick up any dirty clothes or strip the bed­clothes and throw them in the ham­per. Your bed­room will be neater in no time. 18. Wipe down win­dow frames or ledges These of­ten get ne­glected, but a quick wipe down will soon clean them up.

In the liv­ing room The liv­ing room is a high-traf­fic area which means that it quickly gets dirty and un­tidy. Keep it look­ing great with these help­ful hints:

19. Deal with crumbs Grab a dust buster and get rid of any stray crumbs or other dirt on your liv­ing room floor.

20. Wipe down ta­bles It takes just a cou­ple of min­utes to wipe over a ta­ble and get rid of crumbs, spills, fin­ger­prints or any other mess, leav­ing your sur­faces look­ing much bet­ter.

21. Sort out the sofa Two min­utes spent plump­ing and straight­en­ing cush­ions and fold­ing throws if you have them will make your sofa look invit­ing in­stantly.

22. Clear clut­ter Clear­ing clut­ter in your liv­ing room doesn’t have to be a ma­jor task. Take five min­utes and put items such as toys, re­mote con­trols or game con­trollers back where they be­long.

23. Straighten the cof­fee ta­ble Neaten up any books or mag­a­zines, and take any used mugs back to the kitchen. Re­mem­ber to file away any pa­per­work that’s been left on the cof­fee ta­ble too.

24. Spot clean If you see fin­ger­prints on cabi­net fronts, clock cases or any other sur­faces, take two min­utes to wipe them off with a soft cloth.

Keep­ing your home clean is quick and easy when you break it down into bite-sized tasks.

For even bet­ter re­sults, set your­self a daily and weekly sched­ule. Clean up af­ter your­self and keep ma­jor clut­ter and mi­nor spills un­der con­trol on a daily ba­sis,

Every week, pledge to take the time to dis­in­fect, dust or do laun­dry. It only takes five min­utes here and there be­tween other tasks, and your home will be a de­light to live in.

— Prop­erty24

When it comes to clean­ing the toi­let, you don’t have to spend ages scrub­bing, just swish the toi­let brush around the bowl and give the rim a wipe with a cloth every day.

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