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FIRST off, thieves are lazy and will al­ways look for the eas­i­est pick­ings. If you leave valu­ables ly­ing around in your car or even charg­ing ca­bles that sug­gest there might be a phone or sat-nav in there, they will smash the win­dow.

Also, never leave your car un­locked or with the keys in it when you go to pay at a petrol sta­tion or even when run­ning into the house to get some­thing you have for­got­ten. It only takes a split sec­ond for your car to be­come a theft statis­tic.

Easy op­tion

Next up, when you’re at home or in the of­fice, keep your car keys some­where safe and out of plain sight. Again, thieves will take the easy op­tion and if your car keys can be lifted from the work­top by the door or through the let­ter­box, the car will dis­ap­pear.

It’s best to keep your car keys on your per­son when not at home. When in the house, put them in a drawer or cup­board that’s not an ob­vi­ous choice.

If you have a garage, use it to keep your car in: out of sight is out of mind for thieves. If you park on the street, don’t be one of those peo­ple who in­sist on park­ing in front of your house — it’s a clear in­di­ca­tion of where to break into when they want the keys. Much bet­ter to park a few doors away to con­fuse the ca­sual thief.

Vis­i­ble se­cu­rity

When you leave the car parked up, use some vis­i­ble means of se­cu­rity other than the alarm. A steer­ing wheel or hand­brake lock are quick and sim­ple to fit and act as a clear de­ter­rent to any pass­ing car crim­i­nal.

Ba­sic de­vices may not re­sist at­tack for long, but more sub­stan­tial ones re­quire power tools to re­move. Thieves will sim­ply move on to a less well-pro­tected tar­get.

An­other sim­ple step to mak­ing ne’er-dow­ells walk on by is to park your car with the wheels turned into the kerb or point­ing to­wards an­other car parked next to it. Again, it’s about frus­trat­ing thieves and this tip makes it much harder for them to push or tow

it away. A sim­ple tip, but it could save you an in­sur­ance headache.

Drive­way order

If you have more than one car at home and park them all on the drive, try to ar­range them so the most likely to be stolen is fur­thest from the road. Again, it’s about mak­ing life hard for crim­i­nals and this is a sim­ple way to make them give up be­fore they even try.

Lastly, when you park the car away from home, choose a space that it well-lit and on a busy road. Thieves don’t like an au­di­ence, so the more peo­ple are around the bet­ter.

Also, if you can spot a CCTV cam­era, this is a good place to park as the crim­i­nals will also have no­ticed the cam­era and may be less likely to use this area, for fear of be­ing filmed.

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