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Likhopo have parted ways ys with starplay­ers Bokang ‘Lefty’ Mothoana thoana , Tefo ‘Chico’ Maipato, Se­foli Ntoi and Nyakhane Nyakhane.

The mid­field­ers re­ceived d let­ters this week in­form­ing them theireir con­tracts would not be re­newed for the e 2016/17 sea­son.

The quar­tet came through the club’s devel­op­ment ranks and their de­par­tureepar­ture fromm the 2004/5 and 2005/6 league ue cham­pi­ons s marks the end of an era.

Likhopo man­ager Qa­mako o Ma­hao yesyes s ter­day con­firmed the de­par­ture ure of the four se­nior play­ers, say­ing it made busi­ness sense to let them go as age was catch­ing g up with them.

“it is true that we have de­cided to reree lease them from the team; their heir con­tracts will not be re­newed and as we speak, we have writ­ten to all four of f them given n them such no­ti­fi­ca­tion. Thereere is noth­ingg new here; teams al­ways signgn and of­floadd play­ers. it’s nor­mal and al­soo makes busi busii ness sense be­cause age is catch­ingtch­ing up with all of them and they couldn’t t even last the full 90 min­utes of the matchh last sea­son, sea­son,” Ma­hao said.

“When a con­tract is over, itt is over. Theyy They have their clear­ances with them as wee we speak and are free to join anyy team of theirr their choice. it must be clear that we didn’t terr ter­mi­nate their con­tracts but ratherather de­cided not to re­new them as they haveave ended.”

Ma­hao fur­ther said by let­ting ting the play­playy­ers leave, the club was opening­ing op­por­tu­nii- op­por­tu­ni­ties for young­sters.

“As a team, we have been known for proo duc­ing good, young play­ers so by keep­ing age­ing play­ers, we will be com­pro­mis­ingg the team’s fu­ture. There is noth­ing to wor­rry about here; we are still go­ing to pro­ducee more of the same qual­ity,” he said.

Ntoi yes­ter­day ad­mit­ted get­ting the lett ter from Likhopo but said he was not ready to talk about the is­sue.

“i re­ceived that let­ter and my clear­ancee but there is so much hap­pen­ing there thatt i won’t get into the de­tails, at least not forr now,” Ntoi said.

Mothoana, who played for six years inn Tu­nisia with Union Sportive Mona­s­tiri­i­enne be­fore in­jury and the club’s lack of fund­ing saw him re­turn home in 3, 2013, also con­firmed get­ting the let­terg re­leas­ing him form the team.

“i only have a let­ter no­ti­fy­ing me that i am re­leased from the team but i am stil­lll wait­ing for my clear­ance,” he said.

Re­peated attempts to talk to Nyakha­nee and Maipato about the is­sue were fruit­t­less yes­ter­day. t - g - d - h - - -

Se­foli ntoi. nyakhane nyakhane. Bokang ‘Lefty’ Mothoana. Tefo ‘Chico’ Maipato.

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