Toy­ota airbag re­call af­fects SA cars

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TOKYO — Toy­ota is re­call­ing 1.43 mil­lion ve­hi­cles for de­fec­tive airbags and an­other 2.87 mil­lion ve­hi­cles for faulty fuel emissions con­trols.

The au­tomaker said it has not re­ceived any re­ports of in­juries or fa­tal­i­ties re­lated to ei­ther re­call. Some 932 000 ve­hi­cles are in­volved in both re­calls, so the to­tal num­ber of af­fected ve­hi­cles is 3.37 mil­lion.

SA af­fected Toy­ota South Africa says: “A re­call cam­paign on the Lexus CT 200h and Toy­ota Prius mod­els has been im­ple­mented by Toy­ota Mo­tor Cor­po­ra­tion (TMC).

“This is a world­wide cam­paign in­volv­ing the fit­ment of re­ten­tion brack­ets on the cur­tain shield airbag in­fla­tors. It has been ob­served that the in­fla­tor could sep­a­rate and en­ter the cabin when a ve­hi­cle is parked and un­oc­cu­pied for long pe­ri­ods of time.

“If this oc­curs while the ve­hi­cle is oc­cu­pied, it could in­crease the risk of in­jury. To date, there are no re­ports of in­ci­dents link­ing the above to any in­juries or fa­tal­i­ties. In South Africa, 261 CT 200h — pro­duced be­tween 2010 and 2012 — and 270 Prius — pro­duced be­tween 2008 and 2012 — mod­els have been af­fected.”

Toy­ota SA says that af­fected CT 200h and Prius own­ers will be no­ti­fied by a Toy­ota dealer to bring their ve­hi­cle in for the re­me­dial ser­vice ac­tion. Toy­ota SA said: “Please note this is a stand­alone re­call cam­paign and is not linked to any cur­rent re­call cam­paign.”

World­wide re­call The first re­call for de­fec­tive airbags af­fects Prius hy­brids, Prius plug-ins and Lexus CT200H ve­hi­cles pro­duced be­tween Oc­to­ber 2008 and April 2012 — 743 000 ve­hi­cles in Ja­pan, 495 000 in North Amer­ica, 141 000 in Europe, 9 000 in China and 46 000 in other re­gions.

The faulty airbags are not re­lated to re­cent mas­sive re­calls of Takata airbags that have bal­looned to mil­lions of ve­hi­cles and af­fected nearly all ma­jor au­tomak­ers. Toy­ota said a small crack in some in­fla­tors in the airbags on the driver and pas­sen­ger sides may ex­pand, caus­ing the airbags to par­tially in­flate.

The airbag man­u­fac­turer, Au­to­liv Inc. based in Stock­holm, Swe­den, said it is co­op­er­at­ing fully with the re­call. It said in seven in­ci­dents, side cur­tain airbags in Prius cars par­tially in­flated with­out a de­ploy­ment sig­nal. All of the cars were parked at the time with no one in them and there were no re­ported in­juries, Au­to­liv said.

The cause of the de­fect is still un- der in­ves­ti­ga­tion. Au­to­liv es­ti­mated the cost of the re­call to about $10 mil­lion to $40 mil­lion.

Sec­ond re­call The sec­ond re­call af­fects var­i­ous Prius mod­els, the Auris, Corolla, Ze­las, Lu­cas and Lexus HS250H and CT200H pro­duced from April 2006 through Au­gust 2015 — 1.55 mil­lion ve­hi­cles in Ja­pan, 713 000 in Europe, 35 000 in China and 568 000 else­where, but none in North Amer­ica.

Toy­ota said cracks can de­velop in the coat­ing of emissions con­trol parts called the can­is­ter, pos­si­bly lead­ing to fuel leaks.

Toy­ota South africa says it is re­call­ing Lexus CT200H and Prius mod­els due to faulty airbags.

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