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A KITCHEN is the heart of a home, there­fore it’s im­por­tant to go out of your way to keep it clean, look­ing good your kitchen should be com­fort­able and warm, but at the same time, it should be spot­less and prac­ti­cal.

Les­ley Moyo from Tidylifes a shares tips on how to keep your kitchen clean, tidy and odour-free…

Open shelves

Most likely your kitchen won’t have open shelves when you buy your home, but do not de­spair. You can cre­ate your own. They are beau­ti­ful to look at and they are prac­ti­cal too. They are also great for stor­age.

The trick with open shelves is to be care­ful what you put on them. Do not over­whelm the shelves by stor­ing heavy or large ob­jects like huge pots, which of­ten end up over­lap­ping and threat­en­ing to fall over.

Re­serve your open shelves for items like bowls, mugs and glasses, and ob­jects that are not only im­pres­sive to look at but also give your kitchen a classy look.

Do not crowd the shelves — keep things at a min­i­mum.


Make sure that your cup­boards have doors that close prop­erly. One of the worst things to have are cup­boards with doors that do not close prop­erly, ei­ther be­cause of loose screws or dis­or­gan­ised or cramped uten­sils.

Or­gan­ise your crock­ery

Noth­ing is more un­flat­ter­ing than a clut­tered cup­board fea­tur­ing a mix of mugs, ce­real bowls, din­ner plates and wa­ter glasses.

Or­gan­ise your crock­ery in an or­derly man­ner. Cor­ral your cut­lery and stack it ac­cord­ing to type. Stack din­ner plates into one pile and ce­real bowls into another.

The same goes for side plates, half plates and bowls. neatly line up your wa­ter glasses and mugs, and keep your pots and pans sep­a­rate from the plates. If you want to dec­o­rate with your pots and pans, dis­play the ones you hardly use.

The ones that are used reg­u­larly should be stored in­side cup­boards as they are usu­ally not the most at­trac­tive to look at.

The dish towel

Dish tow­els, small as they are, can make or break a kitchen, not just by their ap­pear­ance but their smell too. When it comes to dish tow­els, buy­ing neu­tral colours is al­ways best. Neu­tral colours eas­ily blend in with any dé­cor scheme you may de­cide to go with and they don’t stand out or draw un­nec­es­sary at­ten­tion to them­selves.

Buy­ing or­ganic cot­ton dish tow­els is a good idea as they ab­sorb more mois­ture than the av­er­age dish towel. This makes them an ef­fi­cient and prac­ti­cal choice, plus they can be ironed too, which helps kill any germs.

While it’s a good idea to have more than one dish towel, be care­ful not to use three dish tow­els at the same time as they’ll give your kitchen that un­ap­peal­ing look.

Imag­ine three or so wet tow­els in the sink

and on kitchen coun­ters. Make sure that your stored tow­els are al­ways dry and ironed so that they do not end up smelling funny.

The sink

No mat­ter how beau­ti­ful your kitchen is, a sink full of dirty dishes will take away from the lovely set­ting so make sure that you’re al­ways on top of this.

While it’s im­pos­si­ble for most peo­ple to wash dishes through­out the day, try to give your­self two time slots dur­ing the day for wash­ing dishes, for in­stance, you can do them af­ter break­fast and af­ter din­ner. plates and pots that sit on a dry rack take up space, so make sure that you put them away as soon as they’re dry.

Clean your oven and stove

Make sure that your oven door is al­ways spot­less both in­side and out­side. Also make sure that you don’t leave wet dish tow­els hang­ing over the oven door han­dle as this tends to spoil the look and feel of your kitchen. your stove, par­tic­u­larly if you’re us­ing a white stove, should be cleaned prop­erly af­ter use so that it doesn’t de­velop grime and dirty around the plates.

Dec­o­rate with rel­e­vant ac­ces­sories No need for you to dec­o­rate with things that aren’t rel­e­vant for the kitchen, rather use items that make ‘kitchen sense’. For ex­am­ple, you can dec­o­rate with fresh fruit like lemons. You can place th­ese in a colour­less bowl to bring some colour to this space. If fresh fruit is dif­fi­cult to ac­cess or ex­pen­sive, buy ar­ti­fi­cial fruit and dec­o­rate with it. There’s no need to dec­o­rate with un­nec­es­sary and ex­pen­sive stuff.

Final touches

Just like boots are made for walk­ing, the kitchen is meant for cook­ing so utilise it. The warmth that can come from your kitchen is not go­ing to come from a spot­less, clin­i­cal look but from the cin­na­mon aroma com­ing out of your oven.

Dish tow­els, small as they are, can make or break a kitchen, not just by their ap­pear­ance but their smell too.

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