Why is Le­sotho poi­son­ing its youth?

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It has some­how be­come a norm to watch young boys and girls drown­ing in al­co­hol and en­gag­ing in risky be­hav­iour each month end.

I of­ten won­der why our coun­try finds it eas­ier to poi­son young souls with al­co­hol rather than to pro­vide them with qual­ity education, skills and sus­tain­able jobs.

Each month end is as­so­ci­ated with end­less ac­ci­dents along our public roads.

Young peo­ple drink and drive freely from Fri­days to Sun­days. Most of those young peo­ple abuse al­co­hol so much that their faces can be mis­taken for those of el­derly peo­ple. Their faces are tired and seem to have taken a con­stant beat­ing from the world and I of­ten won­der whether those young peo­ple will one day grow up to be re­spon­si­ble adults.

It is ev­i­dent that Ba­sotho youth are abus­ing al­co­hol as a re­sult of fac­tors re­lated to job­less­ness, a weak econ­omy and so on but how long will this mad­ness go on? Can some­one in charge help us to un- der­stand the fol­low­ing ques­tions?

1. Why is al­co­hol not reg­u­lated in Le­sotho? 2. Why is al­co­hol sold on Sun­days? 3. Why is al­co­hol sold dur­ing work­ing hours? 4. What is the cost to the econ­omy of road ac­ci­dents as­so­ci­ated with drink­ing and driv­ing? 5. Why is drink­ing in public per­mit­ted? 6. What in­ter­ven­tions does the brew­ery have to curb al­co­hol abuse? 7. Why are the prof­its made from the brew­ery not in­vested in the Na­tional Univer­sity of Le­sotho? 8. Will the govern­ment of Le­sotho re­lin­quish its stake in the brew­ery and fi­nance more schools, skills train­ing cen­tres and small busi­nesses?

A na­tion that fails to take care of its youth is as good as dead. We need to in­vest in our youth. We need to give our youth qual­ity education and jobs.

this mad­ness of ac­ci­dents as­so­ci­ated with drunk and ir­re­spon­si­ble peo­ple ev­ery month is af­fect­ing the tourism sec­tor and the much­needed for­eign in­vest­ment.

No one would want to visit a county lit­tered with drunk driv­ers and un­ruly peo­ple. This mad­ness sim­ply has to stop!

“We must see our young peo­ple as the seeds of to­mor­row’s har­vest. If we lose them, we will lose the fu­ture.” Dr. John Hen­rik Clarke.

‘Mako Bohloa Mazenod

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