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A BED­ROOM is sup­posed to be a rest­ful and calm sanc­tu­ary. This is im­pos­si­ble, how­ever, if your bed­room is so small that you feel it ‘clos­ing in on you’ when­ever you en­ter the door­way.

Be­fore you con­tract a builder to de­mol­ish and move the walls, con­sider these sim­ple dé­cor ad­just­ments, which will help make your space feel and seem big­ger. For most of these, you won’t even need a tool­box. Get some tips…

Keep your room clut­ter-free Even the big­gest of bed­rooms may seem like a small and cramped area if every avail­able space is covered with clothes, books, jewellery and other knick-knacks.

Clut­ter is a re­sult of un­tidi­ness but it could also hap­pen if you hoard items. Do a sweep of your bed­room and see what you can get rid of or store in draw­ers. Keep only the min­i­mum on dis­play.

Sell un­nec­es­sary pieces You might love an ot­toman at the end of your bed or hav­ing a couch for read­ing in your room, but if your bed­room is too small to han- dle these, you’ll have to get rid of them. If you don’t want to sell them, see where else in your home you can use these pieces.

Sub­sti­tute cur­tains for blinds Cur­tains add vis­ual bulk to a room, while blinds al­low the eye to pass un­in­ter­rupted across the room. This cre­ates clean lines and ap­pears neat. If you have a bud­get avail­able, get a quote from some­one to re­place your cur­tains with blinds.

Make use of walls Many home­own­ers are used to em­ploy­ing hor­i­zon­tal ar­eas, but when space is limited, the fo­cus has to shift to the ver­ti­cal space that’s avail­able.

Con­sider ad­ding float­ing shelves for books and other es­sen­tials, coat racks and hooks which work well for cloth­ing and jewellery like neck­laces or use sconces and pen­dants which can take the place of bed­side lamps.

In­vest in mul­ti­func­tion fur­ni­ture If you buy one piece of fur­ni­ture that per­forms two tasks, you’re free- ing up much-needed space (and pos­si­bly sav­ing your­self money too).

You’ll find many op­tions once you start do­ing re­search, but two of the smartest op­tions would be a bed with draw­ers and a head­board with shelves. Both of­fer stor­age and pack­ing space above and be­yond their nor­mal func­tion.

Tone down the colours Dark or vivid colours can make a small bed­room ap­pear even smaller than it re­ally is. Rather use bed­ding in soft colours and paint the walls in white, cream or pas­tels.

For a fun, play­ful look, you can paint ver­ti­cal stripes by al­ter­nat­ing shades of one colour. They’ll draw the eye up, mak­ing your bed­room ap­pear taller and larger.

Let in light A dark room au­to­mat­i­cally ap­pears smaller. When you open your blinds, you’ll al­low nat­u­ral sun­light to stream into the room and it’ll make your bed­room seem big­ger than it re­ally is.

To max­imise the ef­fect, po­si­tion mir­rors op­po­site the win­dows to catch and re­flect the light across the bed­room.

Now, hope­fully you’re brim­ming with in­spi­ra­tion. You’ll be lov­ing your bed­room a lot more in no time. — Home-dzine.

Use bed­ding in soft colours and paint the walls in white, cream or pas­tels.

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