Grisly de­tails revealed in Scotts’ case

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KOALABATA Chief­tai­ness ’ Makhomo Mokoanyane yes­ter­day de­scribed to a packed High Court the hor­rific scenes she wit­nessed of scat­tered body parts of the two peo­ple al­legedly butchered four years ago by double mur­der sus­pects Lehlo­honolo Scott and his mother, ‘Malehlo­honolo.

Chief­tai­ness Makoanyane was tes­ti­fy­ing as the sev­enth crown wit­ness in an on­go­ing case in which Lehlo­honolo (30) and ’Malehlo­honolo (60) are ac­cused of the mur­der of fel­low Koalabata res­i­dents Mo­holo­bela Seetsa (13) and Mo­hata (22) in Jan­uary and June 2012 re­spec­tively. The mu­ti­la­tion of the bod­ies led to spec­u­la­tion the two had been killed for rit­ual pur­poses.

The Scotts were ar­rested on 12 July 2012 fol­low­ing the dis­cov­ery of Seetsa and Mo­hata’s mu­ti­lated bod­ies in Koalabata.

Chief­tai­ness Mokoanyane said she was in the com­pany of the Mabote police when they found two hu­man arms and a leg in a “big white plas­tic bag” placed in Lehlo­honolo’s green Opel Corsa bakkie on 12 July 2012. The hands had been cut off from the arms while the foot had also been cut off from the leg, she said.

Chief­tai­ness Makoanyane said the police also found bloody clothes and a male sex­ual or­gan at the back of Lehlo­honolo’s car seat. She added they also found two plas­tic bags “full of fresh blood” in­side ’ Malehlo­honolo’s house on the same day.

The chief­tai­ness said they were led to the res­i­dence’s toi­let by traces of blood where they found “many” plas­tic bags also con­tain­ing hu­man body parts in­side the la­trine’s pit.

“We went to the toi­let fol­low­ing traces of blood stains. The toi­let’s door was opened and we re­alised the drops fell into the toi­let’s pit,” she said.

“Be­cause it was too dark to see what was in­side the pit, the police lifted up the cor­ru­gated iron sheet toi­let so the pit could be clearer. The toi­let didn’t have a solid foun­da­tion so it was easy to move its struc­ture away from the pit.”

Chief­tai­ness Mokoanyane said they were then able to see “many plas­tic bags that con­tained more hu­man body parts”.

“They (plas­tic bags) were put on top of old used news­pa­pers in­side the pit.”

Chief­tai­ness Mokoanyane said on the next day, she was again in­vited by the Mabote police to Koalabata Pri­mary School where she iden­ti­fied Mo­hata’s head from the hu­man or­gans that were found in the school’s pit la­trines.

“In the morn­ing of 13 July 2012, at around 10:00am, I was in­vited by the police to join them at Koalabata Pri­mary School. The school is about 400 me­tres away from the Scotts’ res­i­dence,” she said.

“Lehlo­honolo was there too but his mother was not present. The police asked Lehlo­honolo to in­form me why we were gath­ered there. He said he was go­ing to show us the rest of the miss­ing hu­man body parts from the ones that were col­lected yes­ter­day.”

The chief­tai­ness said Lehlo­honolo led them to the school toilets where he pointed to the toi­let pit for them to look in­side.

“But all we saw from the pit were tree branches float­ing on top. The police re­moved the branches and un­der­neath ap­peared two plas­tic bags, one yel­low and the other one black.

“My un­der­stand­ing was that the tree branches were pur­posely thrown in­side the pit to cover and hide these plas­tic bags, which also con­tained hu­man parts, from be­ing no­ticed by the learn­ers.”

She said they dis­cov­ered that a black plas­tic con­tained in­testines, liver, lungs and the heart, “but there were some pieces cut from the liver and the heart which were miss­ing”.

And from a yel­low plas­tic, Chief­tai­ness Makoanyane said they found “two hu­man hands and two hu­man feet”.

She said Lehlo­honolo was asked by the police whether the parts were all that could be found from the school toilets.

“He said there were still some other parts miss­ing al­though he didn’t iden­tify them. We looked into the pit but it was too dark.”

Chief­tai­ness Makoanyane said the police de­cided to re­move the con­crete slabs from the back of the toilets to clear the pit.

“A hu­man head and leg emerged from the pit af­ter the slabs were re­moved. I was able to iden­tify the head as Mo­hata’s af­ter the police washed it.”

Prior to her tes­ti­mony, Le­sotho Mounted Police Ser­vice Sub-in­spec­tor Le­ba­hane Mata­mane also tes­ti­fied about how he had dis­cov­ered hu­man or­gans al­legedly be­long­ing to Seetsa in a donga in Koalabata on 15 Jan­uary 2015.

Sub-insp Mata­mane said he had re­ceived a call from Koalabata res­i­dents while he was on duty at Mabote Police Sta­tion on the day in ques­tion, “in­form­ing me about their sus­pi­cion over what looked like a grave in a donga”.

The sub-in­spec­tor said upon ar­rival, he dug up the mound and found a corpse.

“How­ever, the corpse’s head, arms and legs were miss­ing. Only the thighs were left from the body.”

Sub-insp Mata­mane said he also found “two arms with­out hands, two legs with­out feet and I should men­tion pri­vate parts were also miss­ing from the body.”

He added the chest was also cut open “with in­testines seem­ingly re­moved from in­side. Also miss­ing from the open chest was a heart.”

About 60 paces away from the grave, SubInsp Mata­mane said he also found a hu­man head, two hands and feet “which were con­tained in three plas­tic bags”.

He said he took the parts to Le­sotho Fu­neral Ser­vices where they were iden­ti­fied as Seetsa’s by his fa­ther Bereng Seetsa.

Mean­while, the Scotts have since dis­tanced them­selves from ownership of all the prop­er­ties in which the hu­man or­gans were found.

Their lawyer, Ad­vo­cate Thulo Hoeane, ar­gued in cross ex­am­i­na­tion his clients had in­structed him they had never con­fessed be­fore police that ei­ther the house or the car be­longed to them.

In ad­di­tion to mur­der, Lehlo­honolo also faces the charge of un­law­ful escape from Maseru Cen­tral Pri­son on 14 Oc­to­ber 2012 while await­ing trial.

Af­ter al­most two years on the run, Lehlo­honolo was ar­rested in Dur­ban on 6 April 2014 and lost his fight against ex­tra­di­tion in the Veru­lam Mag­is­trate’s Court on 5 May last year. He was ex­tra­dited to Le­sotho on 21 Oc­to­ber 2015, where he awaits fi­nal­i­sa­tion of his tri­als in cus­tody.

For her part, ’Malehlo­honolo was re­leased on strin­gent bail con­di­tions in Au­gust 2013 where she awaits fi­nal­i­sa­tion of her trial.

Both the ac­cused were present in court since the hear­ing re­sumed on Mon­day this week be­fore Jus­tice Te­boho Moiloa. Ad­vo­cates Gareth Lep­pan and Thapelo Mokuku are crown coun­sel. The case con­tin­ues.

KOALABATA Chief­tai­ness ’Makhomo Mokoanyane.

DOUBLE mur­der sus­pect Lehlo­honolo Scott.

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