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THE bath­room is first and fore­most a func­tional space, but it is also a space that can be beau­ti­fully de­signed to make it a stand­out fea­ture vis­ually as well.

Aside from the usual prac­ti­cal as­pects of this space, Kyle turner from Lux­imo, the lo­cal dis­trib­u­tor for the lux­u­ri­ous ROCA san­i­tary­ware brand, of­fers some in­sights into the main trends in­flu­enc­ing bath­room de­sign go­ing for­ward:

1. Or­ganic is back it is un­der­stand­able why de­sign­ers and home­own­ers alike ad­mire Mother Na­ture as the ul­ti­mate source of de­sign in­spi­ra­tion — or­ganic el­e­ments can add warmth, unique­ness, and a rich tac­tile sen­sa­tion to the over­all com­po­si­tion. As such, ma­te­ri­als such as wood, stone, metal and ceram­ics re­main pop­u­lar.

“Nat­u­ral ma­te­ri­als are be­ing used to great ef­fect to bring na­ture back into our homes. to stay within bud­gets, and to en­sure easy main­te­nance and longevity, lots of in­dis­tin­guish­able im­i­ta­tive prod­ucts are gain­ing pop­u­lar­ity,” says Kyle.

“these warm or­gan­i­cally-in­spired or nat­u­ral ma­te­ri­als are used to great ef­fect when jux­ta­posed with mod­ern ma­te­ri­als and su­per clean, stream­lined de­sign lines that of­fer prac­ti­cal and sim­ple ar­range­ment of spa­ces.”

2. Lead­ing colour­ways Darker more moody tones are mak­ing a huge come­back through­out the home, as well as in the bath­room.

“Darker tones, es­pe­cially the rich pal­ette of grey hues, are prov­ing to be enor­mously pop­u­lar. in the bath­room, they can be used on the walls and floor, and jux­ta­posed against bril­liant white san­i­tary­ware for max­i­mum vis­ual im­pact,” says Kyle.

he says can also in­te­grate other pop­u­lar colours.

“Matte, nude and neu­tral colours of­fer the per­fect com­bi­na­tion when paired with darker greys and blacks, and of­fer a great way of in­tro­duc­ing some con­trast to the over­all colour pal­ette,” says Kyle.

“Com­bi­na­tions of pas­tel tonal­i­ties in blue, green, sal­mon and ash are also on the rise, but only when used as ac­cent tones. And of course, the clas­sic all-white monochro­matic bath­room never seems to go out of fash­ion.”

3. Metal and mar­ble ma­nia “Mar­ble cladding on the walls and metal ac­ces­sories in gold or cop­per are bang on trend,” says Kyle.

“there has been a stylish re­vival of this 70s aes­thetic — brass has re­ally be­come that most fash­ion­able metal for the bath­room, and when paired with the no­bil­ity of mar­ble, it makes a truly ir­re­sistible com­bi­na­tion.”

4. Play with geom­e­try A vari­a­tion of geo­met­ric shapes in­spired by the strong lines of ar­chi­tec­tural and struc­tural el­e­ments has re­ally come to the fore with re­gards to tiling and ce­ramic cladding.

“hints of the Ori­ent and the Mediter­ranean are be­ing in­tro­duced in a mod­ern and dy­namic way in new trendy bath­room tile ranges,” says Kyle.

“An ex­am­ple of this is the rising pop­u­lar­ity of the hexag­o­nal tiles used for wall and floor cov­er­ings — it is prov­ing to be a very pop­u­lar de­sign com­bi­na­tion with mul­ti­ple vari­a­tions that can in­ter­preted in many ways.”

5. Wa­ter ef­fi­ciency rules Wa­ter has al­ways been a very pre­cious com­mod­ity, but it is be­com­ing a very high pri­or­ity, es­pe­cially in light of the se­vere wa­ter short­ages we have been liv­ing through of late.

Kyle says aware­ness of wa­ter short­ages has made choos­ing san­i­tary­ware that is wa­ter ef­fi­cient a must.

“You use more wa­ter in the bath­room than ev­ery other room in your home com­bined. Choos­ing wa­ter-ef­fi­cient op­tions is the right thing to do, and it can save thou­sands of litres and lots of money in the long run,” he says.

“Wa­ter-ef­fi­cient taps, dou­ble-flush cis­terns, and low-flow show­er­heads all make a big im­pact on re­duc­ing your wa­ter con­sump­tion in the bath­room. how­ever, there are other re­ally clever and in­no­va­tive prod­ucts — one of them be­ing the ex­clu­sive ROCA W+W, which reuses the wa­ter from the basin to fill the cis­tern af­ter fil­ter­ing it, fur­ther re­duc­ing wa­ter con­sump­tion by up to 25%.”

6. Smart stor­age Ad­e­quate stor­age is es­sen­tial in any bath­room space, and to­day, it takes on the role of

be­ing both func­tional and vis­ually pleas­ing.

“Bath­room stor­age needs to pro­vide you with easy ac­cess to all your items — it pre­vents the items from get­ting lost in­side the fur­ni­ture unit. ROCA’S range of bath­room fur­ni­ture, for ex­am­ple, boasts draw­ers with full ex­trac­tion sys­tems that dis­play all their con­tents so that you may ac­cess even the far­thest cor­ner,” says Kyle.

“Some mod­els also in­clude a con­cealed drawer to fa­cil­i­tate the tidi­ness of?the smaller ob­jects.”

how­ever, he says that mod­ern bath­room fur­ni­ture has also be­come smart.

“ROCA’S Sta­tum-n Base Unit, for ex­am­ple, al­lows you to con­nect your smart­phone to the Blue­tooth speak­ers of the fur­ni­ture unit and en­joy your mu­sic while you shower or get ready to go out. it also of­fers a builtin socket in its drawer so that you can use to plug your hairdryer, elec­tric shaver, or straight­en­ing iron in.” 7. Deluxe show­ers the bath has al­ways taken cen­tre stage in bath­room de­sign, how­ever, there is a trend to re­place the bath with a su­per-lux­u­ri­ous and grand shower in­stead.

“Show­er­ing is wa­ter ef­fi­cient, it is quick and easy, and it pro­vides one of the few oc­ca­sions in which we are re­laxed, calm and away from the stress caused by our ev­ery­day life­style,” says Kyle.

“it is no won­der that it is re­ally start­ing to take cen­tre stage in mod­ern bath­room de­sign. From the shower walls, shower heads and faucets, you can cus­tomise your shower ac­cord­ing to your bud­get and needs.”

he says an­other im­por­tant el­e­ment to con­sider is the shower floor or tray.

“Gone are the days when acrylic shower floors were your only op­tion, as ROCA now also pro­vides shower trays in STONEX, steel and vit­re­ous china. Shower trays man­u­fac­tured in STONEX, a re­sis­tant and long-last­ing ma­te­rial, may be in­stalled lev­elled to the floor, and thanks to their tex­tured sur­face, of­fer a high anti-slip fea­ture,” says Kyle.

“they are also avail­able?in dif­fer­ent nat­u­ral fin­ishes to meet the needs of all kinds of bath­room en­vi­ron­ments, pro­vid­ing a very mod­ern look — he­lios, wooden tex­ture, ter­ran, stone tex­ture.”

or­ganic el­e­ments can add warmth, unique­ness, and a rich tac­tile sen­sa­tion to the over­all com­po­si­tion.

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