Glass of red wine can limit harm­ful ef­fects of smok­ing

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A GLASS of red wine be­fore light­ing up can pre­vent some of the harm caused by smok­ing.

The vino con­tains chem­i­cals that pro­tect against short-term dam­age to the lin­ing of blood ves­sels, a study sug­gests.

Sci­en­tists in­ves­ti­gated the ef­fects of smok­ing on the blood and ar­ter­ies of 20 healthy non­smok­ers who vol­un­teered to in­hale from three cig­a­rettes.

Half had a drink of red wine one hour be­fore smok­ing, con­sum­ing an amount cal­cu­lated to pro­duce a blood al­co­hol level of 0.75pc.

Drink­ing the wine pre­vented the re­lease of mi­cro-par­ti­cles from artery walls, platelets and white blood cells that is known to in­di­cate smok­ing dam­age.

It also re­duced in­flam­ma­tion and slowed down a ge­netic age­ing process in cells - linked to an enzyme, telom­erase - that ac­cel­er­ates af­ter smok­ing.

Telom­erase ac­tiv­ity in vol­un­teers who did not have the wine fell by 56pc af­ter smok­ing but only by 20pc in the drinkers.

Lead sci­en­tist Dr Vik­to­ria Sch­warz, from the Univer­sity of Saar­land in Hom­burg, Ger­many, said: “The aim of our study was to in­ves­ti­gate the acute vas­cu­lar ef­fects of red wine con­sump­tion prior to ‘oc­ca­sional life­style smok­ing’ in healthy in­di­vid­u­als.

“We found ev­i­dence that pre­con­sump­tion of red wine pre­vented most of the vas­cu­lar in­jury caused by smok­ing.”

She added that since the study fo­cused on young, healthy non­smok­ers it was not clear whether the find­ings would ap­ply to the el­derly, sick, or ha­bit­ual smok­ers.

Dr Sch­warz stressed that her team did not want to mo­ti­vate oc­ca­sional smok­ers to drink or oc­ca­sional drinkers to smoke.

She added: “Nev­er­the­less, this study iden­ti­fied mech­a­nisms suit­able to ex­plore dam­age and pro­tec­tion on the vas­cu­la­ture in hu­mans, paving the way for fu­ture clin­i­cal stud­ies.”

— Ir­ish In­de­pen­dent

RED wine slows down age­ing enzyme trig­gered by smok­ing.

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