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WHETHER you’re in­stalling a wa­ter-ef­fi­cient model or re­set­ting an old loo af­ter a bath­room ren­o­va­tion, re­mov­ing and re­plac­ing a toi­let is a straight­for­ward project that can be com­pleted in a day. Sim­ply fol­low these tips…

Step 1 Switch off the wa­ter be­fore you do any­thing. If your bath­room doesn’t have a stop­cock in the room, switch off the main wa­ter sup­ply.

Most mod­ern homes have a stop­cock po­si­tioned next to or close to the toi­let. Switch off and dis­con­nect the pipes from the wa­ter sup­ply to the base of the toi­let cis­tern.

Step 2 To empty out any re­main­ing wa­ter in the toi­let, flush it un­til the cis­tern is com­pletely empty, and then use a dry sponge and bucket to re­move any wa­ter left in the toi­let bowl. You will also need some rags to catch any re­main­ing wa­ter in the out­let pipe. Don’t worry, this is clean wa­ter.

Step 3 Now comes the fun part. If your toi­let is bolted to the floor, you can undo the bolts to re­move it. How­ever, if the toi­let is ce­mented to the floor, it will have to be chis­elled out and bro­ken off.

Re­mem­ber to wear a pair of safety gog­gles to pro­tect your eyes from fly­ing bits. Don’t for­get to also put on a pair of gloves to pro­tect your hands.

Once you have re­moved the toi­let, use a cloth and a bucket of wa­ter to clean the floor. Don’t sweep as this only cre­ates more dust. Step 4 Once the toi­let has been re­moved and the ex­cess concrete chipped off the floor, you may ex­pe­ri­ence a foul smell com­ing from the out­let pipe. Plug this with a cou­ple of plas­tic bags while you work. Step 5 Fit the new toi­let into the out­let pipe un­til snug, and then fas­ten the toi­let to the floor, pop the cis­tern on top of the base and fas­ten these to­gether. At this sage, you also want to fas­ten the cis­tern to the wall.

While you can use san­i­tary fix­ings or rawl bolts to fas­ten the toi­let to the floor, con­trac­tor ad­he­sives work just as well. You can use Pat­tex PL700 to glue the base of the toi­let onto the tiles.

Step 6 You now need to fit a new wax seal be­tween the toi­let and the out­let pipe. If it has not been al­ready cut, cut it so that you can fit the seal around the out­let pipe at the back of the toi­let and push it into the main out­let pipe. There must be no holes or gaps any­where or wa­ter will leak out onto the floor.

Step 7

That was easy, now comes the tricky part. When you buy a new toi­let, it doesn’t come pre-as­sem­bled.

You have to put every­thing that fits into the cis­tern to­gether. Man­u­fac­tur­ers do, how­ever, pro­vide in­struc­tions, and this is also a good way to find out how your toi­let works.

Fin­ished Once you’re done, con­nect the wa­ter sup­ply, switch on the stop­cock or main wa­ter cut-off and in­spect the toi­let for leaks. — Home-dzine.

If your bath­room doesn’t have a stop­cock in the room, switch off the main wa­ter sup­ply.

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