Do you have a goal in life?

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AS I sat down and wrote down this lit­tle short note, the first thing that came to my mind was “what do you want in life?”, and I thought about it for a lit­tle while (maybe for a minute or so). My an­swer to that ques­tion was sim­ple and straight for­ward; I want suc­cess and noth­ing else.

What I know is that al­most ev­ery­one in life wants suc­cess, ex­cept crim­i­nals of course.

Crim­i­nals ac­cord­ing to my un­der­stand­ing, are peo­ple with­out a pur­pose in life, ex­cept steal­ing and do­ing all the bad things, peo­ple that do not think of to­mor­row but only to­day, any­way that’s not where I am.

What I am try­ing to say is that we all have a dream or a goal in our daily lives that one day we wish to ful­fill, but the main ques­tion that stays is that “how do I ful­fill those dreams or goals that I want to achieve one day in my life”. Well the an­swer to that is quite sim­ple “work hard”.

Yes, work hard, by work­ing hard it does not lit­er­ally mean be­ing be­hind a desk in an of­fice, even when study­ing you are work­ing.

Nor­mally, we as stu­dents tend to think that when you are a rich and a spoilt brat, you will get all you want in life you might get all you want now but be­lieve me there will be a time when all those things you want in life won’t just come.

Why? Be­cause right now we have par­ents who have worked hard to have what they have now and that they live the life they want.

When your par­ents die, they will never say “my dear child I am leav­ing you those cer­tifi­cates of mine, be­cause I will no longer need them”. No, be warned he or she will also die with them.

So don’t just sit there and re­lax and en­joy the good life sooner or later the good life shall end. It might not be now, but even­tu­ally it will hap­pen.

Have a goal right now and stop en­joy­ing what is not right­fully yours, what is right­fully yours is yet to come, only if you work for it.

Let’s all have a goal to achieve one day. Ex­cept that you will never know which di­rec­tion you are head­ing to.

One might ask “how do I have a goal in life?” Well that’s easy “what do you want in life?”

Do you want to be known as that some­one who was once rich, be­cause of his or her par­ents ‘s money or do you want to be known as that per­son who worked very hard to have what he or she wanted.

Even if you were once known as that boy or girl who could pur­chase any­thing in the school tuck shop, that is not your money, work hard and stop fool­ing us, say­ing that you have got money. But mostly I

think you are fool­ing your­self.

Ladies and gents, let’s work for our own things not things that are passed from one gen­er­a­tion to another, maybe it’s time to also take charge.

The late South African Pres­i­dent Nel­son Man­dela once said “Ed­u­ca­tion is the most pow­er­ful weapon, you can use to change the world.”

I couldn’t agree more, but to­day kindly al­low me to twist those words a lit­tle by say­ing: “Work­ing hard is the most pow­er­ful weapon, you can use to change your­self.”

Al­low me to fin­ish my note by say­ing, let’s all work hard and have goals that one day we all wish to see suc­ceed­ing, not de­pend­ing on other peo­ple ‘s achieve­ments. I hope it is just as I said it is, “a lit­tle note”.

Poloko Mokhele.

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