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Egyp­tian man grows ‘Beard of Bees’

SHIBIN EL KOM — Mohamed Ha­gras stands barech­ested as dozens of hon­ey­bees con­gre­gate around his face, even­tu­ally form­ing what he calls the “Beard of Bees”. To at­tract the in­sects he has a box hous­ing their queen’s hor­mones strapped to his chin.

The 31-year-old en­gi­neer-turned-bee­keeper has been do­ing this for years both com­pet­i­tively - he fondly re­calls a Cana­dian model’s “Bikini of Bees” at a bee­keep­ing event - and as an ef­fort to ed­u­cate Egyp­tians on the use­ful­ness of bees.

“The goal is to show that bees are not ag­gres­sive,” he told Reuters at his farm in Shibin El Kom, the cap­i­tal of the Nile Delta prov­ince of Me­noufia.

“One the con­trary, they are help­ful and pro­duce things that help hu­mans and agri­cul­ture.”

Ha­gras ex­tracts hor­mones from queen bees af­ter they die and uses them to at­tract bees from the same hive to per­form his show. He uses the same tech­nique to form new hives, he says.

He uses the “Beard of Bees” at con­tests and exhibitions where like-minded peo­ple try to break world records. The cur­rent holder is a Chi­nese bee­keeper who in 2015 cov­ered his en­tire body with over a mil­lion bees, a com­bined weight of al­most 110 kg.

Other than honey and pollen, bees are also medic­i­nal, Ha­gras says, adding that many peo­ple come to his farm to get stung in ef­forts to cure var­i­ous dis­eases.

— Reuters

Mohamed ha­gras per­forms the ‘Beard of Bee’.

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