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IT’S a tough world for a woman. A man’s world of­fers no refuge es­pe­cially to a woman un­will­ing to quit and be­come yet an­other sec­re­tary, PA or just a wife to a man. Many women set out to be­come self-made achiev­ers with­out men hold­ing their hand. Sadly, many women re­turn home de­feated.

They have tears and agony in this harsh world of men. It takes a strong woman to chal­lenge rules drawn out by men. It takes a very strong woman to stand up and de­clare that the time of men and their rule is over. But it takes an ex­cep­tional woman to do all these and come out vic­to­ri­ous.

Why do some many women fail in the world of busi­ness, politics and lead­er­ship? Can a woman re­ally be a nur­turer and leader? Well, the an­swer is, a woman is al­ready a leader. Her role has been well de­fined from the be­gin­ning. But it’s the cru­elty of this world that shields her pow­ers.

There are many ques­tions I ask my­self. Why should the rich­est and pow­er­ful peo­ple be men? The rich­est per­son is a man. His wife might have some­thing to do with that wealth but facts state that it’s the man not woman.

The one woman who sought to be­come the most pow­er­ful per­son by be­ing the pres­i­dent of United States of Amer­ica failed in her pur­suit. There are many great things to be achieved but some­how it ap­pears that men al­ways get them first.

This is a man’s world but brave women have set out to chal­lenge this. Why in­deed should men have all the fun, all the suc­cess while women just sit and wait for them to re­turn home?

It seems when a woman sets out to be­come a mil­lion­aire, many laugh. Many as­sume she is doomed to fail. But per­haps what we don’t see is that many women hardly suc­ceed be­cause all op­por­tu­ni­ties are given to men.

The best busi­ness deals will pass to al­ready suc­cess­ful men be­fore the left­overs are tossed to am­bi­tious women. It’s very dif­fi­cult to suc­ceed when so lit­tle sup­port is given to one.

Even women trust men in busi­ness and politics more than other women. Women still vote for men over women. Women still choose male CEOS and not fe­male ones. It will take a very long time for pow­er­ful women to be ac­cepted in our world.

I have seen many pow­er­ful women la­belled and bro­ken down. The worst part is that some of these ter­ri­ble deeds are done by their spouses.

There are many men who feel so fright­ened by pow­er­ful wives that they would go on cheat­ing on them just to pull them down. It’s a ter­ri­ble fate in­deed that seems to await pow­er­ful women.

When a woman sets out to build her em­pire, as more women are do­ing these days. One thing that should al­ways be in her mind is that she will re­ceive more pull downs than sup­port.

Many times she will be sub­ject to great ridicule and most of these op­pres­sors will be women. She must how­ever be will­ing to fight to the very end and that end should be a far­fetched story.

There is no point in climb­ing a moun­tain if one is hop­ing to re­turn half way. Same thing in the pur­suit of great­ness. Per­son­ally I am tired of read­ing about male bil­lion­aires dom­i­nat­ing the world. What of all these great women around me?

Women have be­come more than mere child bear­ers and home mak­ers. Women have taken on many roles. It’s the duty of ev­ery woman to sup­port and up­lift an­other woman. How can we even ex­pect men to re­spect us if this is how we see each other; un­wor­thy of any suc­cess!

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