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HAVE cer­tain ar­eas of your home been smelling a lit­tle funny lately? Here are the most com­mon house­hold of­fend­ers and how to elim­i­nate them.

Cig­a­rette smoke in up­hol­stery The smell of cig­a­rettes lingers in car­pets and fur­ni­ture fi­bres long af­ter the smoke clears. Sprin­kle bak­ing soda over the of­fend­ing sur­face, let it sit for sev­eral hours, and clean it up with a wa­ter-fil­tra­tion vac­uum, which traps small par­ti­cles. If the odour lingers, take a day to deep clean your car­pet or up­hol­stery. To get rid of this smoky odour for good, take pre-emp­tive mea­sures — ban smok­ing in­side the house.

Smelly garbage Af­ter a while, even throw­ing out the garbage ev­ery day isn’t enough to elim­i­nate the odour of rot­ten per­ish­ables as the smell clings onto the bin it­self. Toss away what­ever is in your garbage and give the bin a good scrub­bing in­side and out, us­ing a dis­in­fec­tant cleaner.

If you’d rather use nat­u­ral meth­ods, clean the bin with your favourite eco-friendly cleaner and then de­odorise it by spray­ing it with white vine­gar. Let it sit for a few min­utes, then wipe clean. If your bin re­quires des­per­ate mea­sures, take it out­side, spray it down with de­ter­gent and rinse thor­oughly.

To pre­vent odours in the fu­ture, clean your bin at least once a month and con­sider switch­ing to garbage bags that block odour from seep­ing out. Put per­ish­able items into a smaller seal­able plas­tic bag be­fore toss­ing them out, and take the garbage out fre­quently.

Re­frig­er­a­tor odour Bak­ing soda is the best de­fense when it comes to fridge odours. But if you still sense that some­thing’s awry, try dou­bling up with ac­ti­vated char­coal. Rou­tinely check your fridge for ex­pired or spoiled food, and give the in­te­rior a good wipe down with soap and wa­ter ev­ery week or so.

Cof­fee pot odour The smell of freshly brewed cof­fee may be invit­ing, but the lin­ger­ing af­ter ef­fect it leaves be­hind is a wake-up call that your cof­fee pot needs clean­ing. Fill the pot with one part white vine­gar to two parts wa­ter, then pour this so­lu­tion into your wa­ter reser­voir and turn the cof­fee maker on. If you have a re­us­able mesh fil­ter, leave it in, but oth­er­wise you don’t need a fil­ter.

Let the vine­gar go through an en­tire cy­cle in the cof­fee pot. You may want to open a win­dow to dis­si­pate the scent of vine­gar (it will even­tu­ally die down). Once the so­lu­tion is done brew­ing, pour it out, let the cof­fee maker cool and re­peat the process. Then do two brews of wa­ter only. Lastly, wash your pot with dish soap and rinse it well with wa­ter.

Pet smells Air out your fur­ni­ture if you can - putting it in the sun for a bit may help zap some of the smells nat­u­rally. Then vac­uum it care­fully us­ing a wa­ter-fil­tra­tion vac­uum or a HEPA fil­ter which is de­signed to trap small par­ti­cles. You may also need a clean­ing prod­uct like Na­ture’s Mir­a­cle, which is de­signed to re­move pet odours.

Dish­washer odour Can’t fig­ure out where that kitchen odour stems from? Check your dish­washer as past din­ner odours tend to cling to this ap­pli­ance. Run the ma­chine while it’s empty, us­ing two cups of white vine­gar in­stead of de­ter­gent. In the fu­ture, be ex­tra vig­i­lant about scrap­ing off food be­fore load­ing dishes into the ma­chine, es­pe­cially if you know that they’ll be sit­ting there for a while.

Musty mildew in the bath­room Mildew thrives in moist en­vi­ron­ments like bath­rooms and base­ments. The best so­lu­tion is to open all the win­dows on a dry day and run a de­hu­mid­i­fier. Use the ex­haust fan or an os­cil­lat­ing fan to cir­cu­late the air. Re­move damp tow­els, rugs and shower cur­tains, and run them through the laun­dry. The best (al­beit not the most pleas­ant) way to erad­i­cate that mildew smell is to mix equal parts bleach and wa­ter, and spray down your bath­room tiles. Be sure to wear pro­tec­tive gloves and a dust mask while do­ing this. Pre­vent mildew build-up by dry­ing off the stall af­ter ev­ery shower.

Musty draw­ers There are sim­ple yet ef­fi­cient ways to rem­edy a musty drawer. sprin­kle bak­ing soda into your drawer and let it sit for at least a few hours (or a few days, if you can). Then vac­uum it up. If odour still lingers, pop in a pot­pourri sa­chet. Home-dzine.

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