Your phi­los­o­phy de­ter­mines suc­cess

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A PHI­LOS­O­PHY is any per­sonal be­lief about how to live or how to deal with a sit­u­a­tion. This be­lief is cre­ated by any kind of ex­po­sure. It can be changed or im­proved. Hu­man be­ings have the power of choice, they choose what to be­lieve, how to live or re­spond to any sit­u­a­tion.

Our lives are the sum to­tal of our choices. You are who you are to­day be­cause of the choices you made yes­ter­day and your to­mor­row de­pends on your choices to­day. If you want to change your to­mor­row, you first need to change the way you do things to­day (PHI­LOS­O­PHY).

You can­not make right choices hav­ing wrong in­for­ma­tion, for your phi­los­o­phy de­pends on what you know. My men­tor, Mr Moloi al­ways says “Sit­u­a­tions have no mean­ing; you are the one that give them mean­ing.

You can only ex­plain what you know; our rea­son­ing fac­ulty uses the data­base stored in our knowl­edge base to make in­ter­pre­ta­tions. As a mat­ter of fact, make it your man­date to gather the right in­for­ma­tion for your suc­cess.

Your phi­los­o­phy is your view of life, some­thing be­yond feel­ings and at­ti­tudes. Your phi­los­o­phy drives your at­ti­tudes and feel­ings, which drive your ac­tions.

The law of na­ture is, Do the thing, and you shall have the power: but they who do not the thing have not the power. — Ralph Waldo Emer­son, Com­pen­sa­tion (Es­says: First Se­ries, 1841)

Sim­ply put, the state­ment is say­ing “don’t wait; do some­thing, even if you don’t have enough re­sources, your progress will bring you means.” Do not hes­i­tate or wa­ver for fear that when you come to any cer­tain place you will fail for lack of abil­ity.

Keep right on, and when you come to that place, the abil­ity will be fur­nished to you. The same source of abil­ity which en­abled the un­e­d­u­cated Lin­coln to do the great­est work in gov­ern­ment ever ac­com­plished by a sin­gle man is open to you.

You may draw upon all the mind there is for wis­dom to use in meet- ing the re­spon­si­bil­i­ties which are laid upon you. Go on in full faith.

This phi­los­o­phy has driven so many busi­ness men we know to­day, had they waited to have re­sources, they could have not started.

If you want to be in busi­ness and have no cap­i­tal, go on, cap­i­tal will find you on the way. If you want to achieve a cer­tain dream and you see that you don’t have enough re­sources, just take a step of faith and see how much you can ac­com­plish.

Robert J. Ringer said, “Suc­cess is not de­pen­dent upon one’s be­ing blessed with su­pe­rior in­tel­li­gence or spe­cial skills, nor does for­mal ed­u­ca­tion, hard work, or luck play a ma­jor role in an in­di­vid­ual’s climb to­wards suc­cess... the dif­fer­ence be­tween suc­cess and fail­ure is not nearly as great as most peo­ple be­lieve...suc­cess is a mat­ter of un- der­stand­ing and re­li­giously prac­tic­ing spe­cific, sim­ple habits that al­ways leads to suc­cess.”

Jeff Olsen says the se­cret in­gre­di­ent to suc­cess is your phi­los­o­phy. Fo­cus­ing on the ac­tions (the what-to-do’s and the how-to-do it’s) is not enough, be­cause it’s the at­ti­tude be­hind the ac­tions that keeps those ac­tions in place. So, is the at­ti­tude ad­just­ment the an­swer? No, that won’t nec­es­sar­ily do it ei­ther.

Your emo­tions change. You can’t dic­tate how you feel. No mat­ter how much you may tell your­self to feel pos­i­tive about this how-to step or that how-to step, what if you just don’t? To­day, you’re ex­cited about get­ting it right.

You feel like do­ing your twenty min­utes work­outs, you feel like call­ing all your clients. Great! But what if to­mor­row you just don’t feel like do­ing it? To find the path to suc­cess, you have to back up one more step. It’s the un­der­stand­ing be­hind the at­ti­tudes that are be­hind the ac­tions (Phi­los­o­phy).

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