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WORDS may en­cour­age, em­bar­rass or an­noy. Me­dia may con­vey valu­able or un­pop­u­lar mes­sages. Ar­ti­cles I penned un­til now will se­lec­tively be se­ri­alised to re­late them with what goes on in Le­sotho; its po­lit­i­cal his­tory re­peats it­self end­lessly.

This is done just to sell ideas, to en­cour­age constructive think­ing and a pos­i­tive at­ti­tude on na­tional is­sues. The pur­pose is not to blame or point a fin­ger.

The for­mat of each se­ries will be: Date of each ar­ti­cle; ti­tle used; an ex­tract from each and how it re­lates to the present/fu­ture events:

A. JUN. 18 2015: “You reap

what you sow” “Every Leader has to lead his fol­low­ers, and those fol­low­ers in turn have to fol­low their lead­ers. All th­ese, they must do in the spirit of the Bi­ble…”

One Bib­li­cal teach­ing, in­tended to im­plant wisdom and dis­ci­pline, is for a hu­man be­ing to do unto oth­ers as he/she would like them do unto him/her.

This is seem­ingly an­other weak­ness in the party pol­i­tics of Le­sotho. It is of­ten some of the highly con­nected/clouds clos­est to the moon/ con­fi­dants/in­sid­ers, who for­get this teach­ing and be­come en­e­mies of own par­ties through hate pol­i­tics.

Logic ex­pects that each loyal mem­ber of a party should work hard to en­list many new mem­bers for the party to grow.

Some loy­al­ists re­joice when other mem­bers quit their party; thus mow­ing down party fol­low­ing through hate an­tics, with a sole pur­pose to draw all joy to them­selves.

What­ever a man does or fails to do, presently or in time, will have some ef­fect/re­ward/price to pay later. Pol­i­tics is more about per­sua­sion than a show of per­sonal power of in­flu­ence.

Nat­u­rally no nor­mal hu­man be­ing may wish for poor har­vest. Only a fool­ish woman tears down her own house with her own hands (Prov. 14:1).

It is also hu­man na­ture that each mem­ber of a po­lit­i­cal party tend to won­der why and how, at times, life deals him/her a painful blow po­lit­i­cally. It could be be­cause he/she has an­gered God and His word and opts to dis­ci­pline him/her, like he does on those He loves (Prov. 3:11-12) to re­mind them they are only hu­mans, His cre­ation, sup­posed to lead clean life.

In­ci­den­tally, the cur­rent 4x4 coali­tion is likely to en­counter un­ex­pected im­pacts of gov­ern­ment fail­ure to ta­ble the 2017/18 bud­get es­ti­mates dur­ing the 9th Par­lia­ment.

The in­ten­tion of block­ing the 2017/18 bud­get was a very pow­er­ful but short sighted mech­a­nism to demon­strate that the op­po­si­tion had the power to in­flu­ence what hap­pened in the House then.

The move was not con­scious of any other po­ten­tial con­se­quences which go with it. Suc­cess of that oc­ca­sion, un­for­tu­nately, has re­sulted in the new gov­ern­ment com­ing into power with­out any bud­get.

Le­sotho is ac­cus­tomed to an in­com­ing gov­ern­ment in­her­it­ing a bud­get pre­pared by/un­der its pre­de­ces­sor.

Will the 4x4 gov­ern­ment opt to in­herit the 2017/18 draft bud­get which the op­po­si­tion shooed away; or will they have stitched their own to­gether to re­flect their own coali­tion pri­or­i­ties?

Both al­ter­na­tives will have un­ex­pected con­se­quences. PostJune,2017 ser­vice de­liv­ery and debt ser­vic­ing sched­ules etc are likely to be af­fected, de­pend­ing on when par­lia­ment gets opened and the 2017/18 bud­get gets pro­cessed.

Some par­lia­men­tary hours/days stand to be lost with pro­longed de­lays.

When bud­get pre­sen­ta­tion col­lided with a dis­so­lu­tion of par­lia­ment, both the op­po­si­tion and gov­ern­ment had to agree to at least have a short bill.

Both ought to be con­scious that what­ever they did, or will do later, against each other has a po­ten­tial to yield ei­ther good or un­ex­pected re­sults (poor har­vest) ,reaf­firm­ing the Bib­li­cal teach­ing that you reap what you sow.

B. OCT. 4 2015: “Let true peace pre­vail in the Ba­sotho na­tion” “A ser­mon by the Most Rev­er­ent Arch­bishop A.L. Mo­rapeli OMI car­ried a mes­sage that “peace has ev­ery­thing to do with what kind of peo­ple we are… It’s no good say­ing “peace, peace”, where there is no peace.

There is no peace for the wicked… There is no peace for the un­for­giv­ing… the greedy and the grasp­ing… for money…and power (re­spec­tively). Lack of peace is the re­sult of, and pu­n­ish­ment for our sins… against each other…”

That “Rain and Peace” ser­mon was de­liv­ered on the sum­mit of Thaba Bo­siu dur­ing a prayer meet­ing on 16th March, 1986 fol­low­ing a

20 Jan­uary coup by the LDF.

The era Le­sotho is cur­rently go­ing through de­serves such ser­mons if the na­tion is ex­pected to ul­ti­mately heal and be at peace with it­self.

The fre­quency of par­lia­men­tary elec­tions in Le­sotho could be God’s way of com­mu­ni­cat­ing with His cre­ation, to try and peace­fully poke Ba­sotho into line and or­der.

It could be a sig­nal that He might sooner be ag­grieved and re­buke us more harshly: ei­ther through be­ing ren­dered a failed State or through fire.

Some of us have been very harshly vo­cal about this LDF which fa­cil­i­tated the re­turn of democ­racy which we all claim to up­hold.

Out­bursts about the Po­lice Ser­vice have since be­come louder in the last few years. Ear­lier, there was a short lived but loud la­bel of “Muso oa Molimo” in ref­er­ence to the 1st Coali­tion by the church/clergy dur­ing of­fi­cial cer­e­monies.

The na­tion re­cently wit­nessed the boo­ing of the clergy by mul­ti­tudes of at­ten­dees dur­ing the in­au­gu­ra­tion of the new PM. What is ac­tu­ally be­ing sown through all th­ese!

Where is Le­sotho head­ing to, judged in the con­text of the above 1986 ser­mon?

Ba­sotho are ac­tu­ally at a point where they have not to doubt the power of God. Do we?

Mr Maluke’s views are his own and do not re­flect the views of the

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