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AT least once in a life­time, the ma­jor­ity of the pop­u­la­tion will move from one home to an­other. While some may have a rea­son­ably pleas­ant ex­pe­ri­ence with few has­sles, oth­ers may never want to move again af­ter go­ing through it once.

This is ac­cord­ing to Adrian Goslett, re­gional direc­tor and CEO of RE/MAX of South­ern Africa, who says mov­ing can be a very stress­ful en­deav­our, in fact, ac­cord­ing to psy­cho­log­i­cal re­search, it is among the top ma­jor life stres­sors.

How­ever, he says if peo­ple avoid a few key mis­takes, the process can be less daunt­ing and a far smoother. Goslett shares in­sight on five mis­takes to avoid: 1. Em­ploy­ing an un­re­li­able mov­ing com­pany It may re­quire some re­search and a bit of time, but us­ing a re­li­able, pro­fes­sional mov­ing com­pany will re­lieve much of the stress. Of­ten the best way to find the right mover is through a re­fer­ral from a friend or fam­ily mem­ber who has used them be­fore.

“No two mov­ing ex­pe­ri­ences are alike, but us­ing a mover that has been re­ferred by a trusted source will to some de­gree en­sure that you know they do a good job,” says Goslett.

“If no one can pro­vide a re­fer­ral, there is a lot of in­for­ma­tion avail­able on the in­ter­net and other forms of pub­lic in­for­ma­tion. Most com­pa­nies will have web­sites that list their ser­vices, ser­vice his­tory, ar­eas they op­er­ate in and a rough es­ti­mate as to how much it will cost.”

On­line searches are great for com­pil­ing in­for­ma­tion and mak­ing a list of pos­si­ble choices. An ad­di­tional ad­van­tage of look­ing at web­sites is they pro­vide con­tact in­for­ma­tion, which al- lows you to ask ques­tions and ob­tain a writ­ten re­sponse. Be­ware of any com­pa­nies who do not pro­vide a lo­cal ad­dress or in­for­ma­tion about li­cens­ing or in­sur­ance.

“So­cial me­dia gives con­sumers an av­enue in which to share their opin­ions and knowl­edge, which goes back to find­ing a re­fer­ral from some­one who has al­ready used a mover and has been im­pressed by their ser­vice.” 2. Not shop­ping around Shop­ping around and get­ting sev­eral quotes will pro­vide you with a bet­ter idea of whether or not you are get­ting good value for money from your mov­ing com­pany. Con­tact a few dif­fer­ent providers and get quotes in writ­ing.

“Dur­ing this process, re­mem­ber that it is very dif­fi­cult for a mov­ing com­pany to pro­vide an ac­cu­rate es­ti­mate over the phone with­out con­duct­ing an on-site in­ven­tory of the goods. The mov­ing com­pany must be pre­pared to come to the home to pro­vide a writ­ten quote,” says Goslett.

“If they in­sist on a signed con­tract or de­posit be­fore they are will­ing to pro­vide a quote - rather look else­where.” 3. Tak­ing too many un­nec­es­sary things Mov­ing is a great time to go through every item in the home and de­cide what to keep and what to throw away. If an item hasn’t been worn, seen or used dur­ing the past year, then you prob­a­bly don’t need it. If you are not keep­ing it for sen­ti­men­tal rea­sons, rather give it to some­one who will get some use out of it.

Eval­u­at­ing your pos­ses­sions be­fore you move, will en­sure that only the items you want and need go to your new home. 4. Fail­ing to sched­ule your move well in ad­vance Preparation is the key in­gre­di­ent to a smooth and has­sle-free move – so pre­pare well in ad­vance, rather than leav­ing it to the last minute and rush­ing to get ev­ery­thing done.

“If the move is sched­uled weeks or even months be­fore it hap­pens, it will give you some breath­ing room and al­low time to get ev­ery­thing packed, or­gan­ised and ready to go,” says Goslett. 5. Not pack­ing ahead of time Start­ing the pack­ing process well be­fore the move will re­lieve some of the stress, so start by box­ing non-es­sen­tials, which can be packed ahead of time and put out of the way.

“Any­thing that is not used on a daily ba­sis or that is not es­sen­tial up un­til the move can be packed in a box and ready to go. If the move is in the warmer months, pack away win­ter clothes and heavy jack­ets, and du­pli­cate items can be pared down to only the bare es­sen­tials,” says Goslett.

He says mov­ing will be a far more bear­able en­deav­our if you pre­pare ahead of time and avoid th­ese avoid mis­takes. If you are as or­gan­ised as pos­si­ble, it will make the process smoother and some­thing to look for­ward to. — Prop­erty24

START­ING the pack­ing process well be­fore the move will re­lieve some of the stress, so start by box­ing non-es­sen­tials, which can be packed ahead of time and put out of the way.

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