Black­mail gone ter­ri­bly wrong

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Aroofer who mur­dered a trans­sex­ual pros­ti­tute on 28 Fe­bru­ary 1997 for her se­cret list of celebrity clients was jailed for at least 17 years. James Hop­kins, 42, es­caped jus­tice for al­most 12 years un­til he was matched to a bloody palm print at the flat of 23 year-old Robyn Browne.

A mo­tive has never been es­tab­lished for the stabbing but Hop­kins told his part­ner he went to the flat to get the names of fa­mous cus­tomers as part of a black­mail plot.

The names of the clients have never been re­vealed to avoid ‘em­bar­rass­ing’ them.

But one is a house­hold name.

Hop­kins was sen­tenced to life im­pris­on­ment and or­dered to serve a min­i­mum of 17 years af­ter be­ing unan­i­mously con­victed of mur­der at the old Bai­ley in 2007.

Judge Martin Stephens QC told him: “You went there with a view to steal­ing the de­ceased’s prop­erty and re­move pages from a filo­fax which prob­a­bly con­tained con­fi­den­tial in­for­ma­tion.

“You were do­ing that for money and you ad­mit­ted re­ceiv­ing £500. You were also look­ing to steal drugs.

“Be­fore you could get what you wanted you had to deal with the oc­cu­pant, Robyn Browne.

“I am sat­is­fied that you dis­posed of her with cruel bru­tal­ity. You stabbed the vul­ner­a­ble and un­for­tu­nate per­son nine times. There was on your part an in­ten­tion to kill.

“Af­ter your ar­rest, you tried to ma­nip­u­late your fam­ily in at­tempts to evade jus­tice. The jury saw through the web of lies that you tried to cre­ate.

“The sen­tence by law is one of life im­pris­on­ment. You will only ever be re­leased on li­cence if and when the pa­role board con­sid­ers it safe for you to be re­leased.”

Hop­kins left the court with a slight smirk. His part­ner Donna Ab­bott was not in court for the sen­tenc­ing.

The old Bai­ley heard Miss Browne, born James Er­rol Browne, was tak­ing fe­male hor­mones and await­ing her gen­der re­as­sign­ment op­er­a­tion at the time of her death.

She ad­ver­tised for clients in phone kiosks and news­pa­pers and worked from a hous­ing as­so­ci­a­tion flat at 6b Gos­field Street, Maryle­bone, west Lon­don.

Neigh­bours re­ported a steady stream of men go­ing into the flat in­clud­ing well dressed ‘City gents.’

“There is some ev­i­dence that the vic­tim may well have had some well-known clients,” said pros­e­cu­tor Ni­cholas Hil­liard.

“We have not called them to court be­cause there was no need to em­bar­rass them.”

The se­cret list of clients con­tained the name of a well-known en­ter­tainer.

Miss Browne did not of­fer full sex be­cause of her HIV-pos­i­tive sta­tus but en­ter­tained clients wear­ing women’s un­der­wear, make-up and a shoul­der-length black wig.

Her flat­mate Natasha Brent­wood left her get­ting ready for work on the evening of 28 Fe­bru­ary 1997, and re­turned less than two hours later at 8pm.

When she could not get an an­swer at the door she climbed through the first floor win­dow to find Miss Browne ly­ing face down on her bed with nine stab wounds to her chest and neck.The walls and bed­clothes were cov­ered in blood and the fa­tal wound through the neck had been in­flicted as the vic­tim lay face down on the bed.

one stab wound had gone straight through her body and an­other had pen­e­trated her breast bone.

The flat had been ran­sacked and her Filo­fax was miss­ing the pages A to N in the ad­dress sec­tion.

A bloody palm print was found on the bed­room door and hand marks were also traced on copies of the Sun news­pa­per and Loot left by the killer.

Po­lice were un­able to match the prints to any sus­pect and the trail went cold.

In 1997, po­lice would have had to man­u­ally check the prints with ev­ery record to find a match.

It was only with the in­tro­duc­tion of an au­to­matic com­puter sys­tem that Hop­kins was iden­ti­fied in a new search in July 2007.

His fin­ger­prints were on file be­cause of his pre­vi­ous con­vic­tions for tak­ing a ve­hi­cle with­out con­sent in 1988 and theft in 1993.

Hop­kins was born in Glas­gow, Scot­land, and moved to Leeds in 1982 af­ter leav­ing school.

He mar­ried but sep­a­rated in 1995 be­fore trav­el­ling to Lon­don in Jan­uary 1997 to find work as a roof slater.

At the time of the mur­der Hop­kins was stay­ing in a dor­mi­tory at the Queen Ho­tel in Brix­ton and smok­ing crack.

He later moved to New Farn­ley, Leeds, to start a new life with Donna Ab­bott, the mother of his young son.

Hop­kins set up home with her in 2004 and worked as a roof slater with her ex­part­ner Paul Ham­mill.

When he was ar­rested Hop­kins at first de­nied even know­ing Miss Browne.

But Hop­kins wrote a let­ter to his part­ner from pri­son say­ing: “Sorry for all the s*** this has caused you and your fam­ily, but it is some­thing that hap­pened ten years ago.”

He added: “If I see you or some­one who knows me well I will tell them the whole story, the truth about 28 Fe­bru­ary, 2007.

“It is a lot more straight­for­ward than it looks and if the ev­i­dence is re­ally bad against me then the truth will have to come out which might send me down for a long time.”

Hop­kins also wrote to his young son Jack: “Sorry you have got in­volved in this mess. My past has come back to haunt me.

“Did I do it? Well let’s just say I know a lot about it and how it hap­pened. Whether peo­ple be­lieve me de­pends on a few things.”

When his part­ner and Paul Ham­mill vis­ited him at Worm­wood Scrubs on 6 July 2007, he claimed the vic­tim had been stabbed accidentally.

Miss Ab­bott said: “My first ques­tion was ‘Did you do it?’ James told me he did do it. He said he went in, it turned into a strug­gle and there was a fight.”

Hop­kins later tried to change his story af­ter Miss Ab­bott gave a state­ment to po­lice, claim­ing the real killer was a Ja­maican drug dealer called Appee.

He wrote in an­other let­ter smug­gled out of jail: “You will have to say you were to­tally con­fused when you gave the state­ment... The main thing to say is I wasn’t alone.

“The main thing to say is you were ter­ri­fied of the po­lice be­cause they kept threat­en­ing you,” he wrote.

He added: “Your state­ment could be worse for me than the palm print.

“Make sure no silly c*** sees this be­cause this let­ter will send me down.”

Giv­ing ev­i­dence at the old Bai­ley, he even claimed that he tried to stop Appee stabbing Miss Browne.

Hop­kins, of [40] Bawn Drive, Leeds, de­nied mur­der.

— court­new­

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James Hop­kins

Robyn browne

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