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SThe physics of your heart

by Has­san Ma­sum O much dis­tressed Just after a burn on your Hand! Well the heart is still in­tact Any idea how is the hu­man heart? Is it solid, is it liq­uid or it is volatile. If burnt does the heart melts, Or va­por­ised or burnt to ashes Then ashes to earth or to un­known des­tiny. Do you see the way the heart beats Once in­flated then de­flated and then in­flated again By the blood flow If the heart is kept in a mi­nus tem­per­a­ture In a bi­o­log­i­cal cold stor­age and con­verted into A red ice cube will you be happy then, Take this in your hand here is my bloody heart Cut the ar­ter­ies and veins as the shapes you like And then place it in your chest cage May be it will heal your wounds.

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