Out­smart Your Skin

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What you need to com­bat stress and age­ing on your skin.

Just like great skin, an un­de­sir­able com­plex­ion can also be the re­sult of your ac­tions. Here’s what you’re do­ing that caus­ing skin dis­tress.

SUN EX­PO­SURE Dr. Oren­tre­ich is spot on when he says, “Sun wor­ship­ping is the sin­gle most de­struc­tive skin force.” This is be­cause sun­rays are the num­ber one cause for pre­ma­ture skin age­ing, and not to men­tion skin can­cer as well. Too much sun causes skin to be­come dry, rough, un­even and unattrac­tive.

STRESS Late nights and dead­lines caus­ing you to break out? There is a good rea­son why. Stress in­creases the hor­mones that can cause acne. At the same time, oil glands ramp up pro­duc­tion and di­late blood ves­sels that re­sult in red­ness. That’s not all – it also de­creases skin’s col­la­gen sup­ply! So for your skin’s sake, re­lax!

POOR DIET Your skin is a liv­ing or­gan, which means it needs proper nour­ish­ment. Doubt you’ll be get­ting that from junk food, pro­cessed meat, and re­fined carbs. The good-skin diet con­sists of a var­ied mix of fruits, veg­eta­bles, and plenty of H2O.

BAD HABITS Go­ing to sleep with your make-up on. Smok­ing and drink­ing ex­ces­sive al­co­hol. Touch­ing your skin with dirty hands. Us­ing dirty make-up ap­pli­ca­tors. Guilty of any? Your skin tells the truth!


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