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Imag­ine a prod­uct that’s so smart that it turns bad en­ergy into good en­ergy that the skin needs. Imag­ine no fur­ther, be­cause here it is!

BB creams are so yes­ter­day! Make way for CC creams! Also known as Com­plex­ion Cor­rec­tor, it is the lighter tex­ture and colour-cor­rect­ing ver­sion of the usual BB creams. This high­tech hero has the abil­ity to turn bad en­ergy (free rad­i­cals, pol­lu­tants, UV rays) around you into good en­ergy (con­stant hydration to your skin), which helps to bring ben­e­fit to skin. Ori­gins Smarty Plants™ CC SPF20/PA++, RM140, does just that! How did it get the in­ter­est­ing name? Thanks to a tech­nol­ogy called S.M.A.R.T used in its pro­duc­tion. Ac­cord­ing to Ori­gins Ex­ec­u­tive Di­rec­tor of Global Prod­uct De­vel­op­ment, Lizz Starr, “The acro­nym stands for Self-Mon­i­tor­ing, Anal­y­sis and Re­port­ing Tech­nol­ogy and it was born in the tech in­dus­try as a process de­signed to study and re­act to po­ten­tial soft­ware hic­cups faster and in a more tar­geted way. The ap­proach has led to de­vices that are smarter, faster and more ef­fi­cient than ever be­fore.” S.M.A.R.T is used in the cream to recog­nise stim­uli such as pol­lu­tion and pro­tects skin against age-ac­cel­er­at­ing skin dam­age with time-re­leased pro­tec­tion. In a nut­shell, this CC cream pro­tects, per­fects and cor­rects skin!

Sys­tem 2 – Per­fect

Sys­tem 3 – Cor­rect

Sys­tem 1 – Pro­tect

When our skin is ex­posed to UV rays, ozone and pol­lu­tion, the re­cep­tor sites on the sur­face of the en­cap­su­lated key in­gre­di­ents re­act and trans­form by re­leas­ing anti-age­ing an­tiox­i­dants such as Green Tea and White Tea to fight free rad­i­cals and Vi­ta­min C and E to help pro­tect the skin from pol­lu­tions. At the same time, the al­gae molecule in Smarty Plants™ is re­leased to con­vert the ox­ida­tive stress from pol­lu­tion to hydration. The molecule will join to­gether with the free rad­i­cals and re­leases wa­ter to hy­drate dry skin. Smarty Plants™ con­tains time-re­leased Sal­i­cylic Acid and Ch­est­nut Ex­tract, which are sep­a­rated in­side a shell that slowly dis­solves, al­low­ing our skin to adapt over time with­out any po­ten­tial side ef­fects, then gen­tly re­fine the skin’s tex­ture for a flaw­less com­plex­ion. Plant-coated min­eral pig­ments are me­chan­i­cally re­leased through phys­i­cal pres­sure and will ad­just to match your skin’s skin tone. This process will im­me­di­ately colour cor­rect blotchy un­even skin by re­leas­ing pig­ments in one in­tu­itive shade, Light/Medium.

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