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AUG 23 – SEP 22

You are... A prac­ti­cal re­al­ist but you’re also mag­i­cal and mys­ti­cal. Be­ing the Earth Maiden who over­seas the an­nual har­vest, you know how to cre­ate and at­tract what you need in life. Though no mat­ter how abun­dant things are, you’re very good at be­ing neu­rotic! The good: With your an­a­lyt­i­cal eye, you miss noth­ing and your cool de­meanour usu­ally keeps your true feel­ings hid­den. A strong in­tu­ition helps you con­nect with oth­ers, and your de­sire to help and heal draws peo­ple to you. You’re great un­der pres­sure and knows how to get things done! The Bad: Your de­sire to im­prove the world can make you a nit-picky critic! You look down your el­e­gant nose at the loud, brash and ego­tis­ti­cal, and when your projects get thrown out of whack, you will scold and pu­n­ish! So many lists and or­gan­i­sa­tion can take the joy out of life! Love: You can se­duce any man you choose but be­ing so fussy, you don’t choose many. You be­lieve in solid, true love, and need or­der and kind­ness from a man who is open to con­stant im­prove­ment! When you feel safe in the arms of your per­fect guy, you can be in­tensely pas­sion­ate. Try: Tau­rus, Can­cer, Scorpio, Capri­corn, Pisces Mr. Septem­ber: His charm will make him ir­re­sistible and mag­netic but while he may seem like a play­boy flirt, he’ll have very se­ri­ous ideas on love. Who­ever proves to him that they are on his side will have his undy­ing af­fec­tion!

LUCK: 1ST, 8TH, 15TH, 17TH LOVE: 12TH, 14TH, 20TH, 27TH

WORK: 12TH, 14TH, 20TH, 27TH

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