CLEO (Malaysia) - - ROAD RULES -

A. Credit card! It’s a free loan plus you

rack up points to swap for vouch­ers. B. Cash if it’s a small amount. Credit

card for big pur­chases. C. Credit card usu­ally be­cause I’m

stony broke! A. You sell them off on eBay and

in­vest the cash. B. You re­cy­cle, be­ing care­ful not to

ac­ci­den­tally re-gift. C. What do you mean stuff you don’t

re­ally want? A. Test it out, then fran­chise it! B. If I like the busi­ness plan, I may

in­vest. C. I’ll come for lunch and bring all my

friends. A. No but I may in­vest in yours. B. Yes! I would love to be my own

boss! C. No thanks. It’s too much


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