Ev­ery­one has a break­ing point when it comes to dat­ing. With plenty of tra­di­tional re­la­tion­ship ter­mi­na­tors and some new ones too, you share what ticks you off. By Ruba Nac­k­eeran


Fall­ing for some­one in the spur of the mo­ment is some­times in­evitable. Dur­ing that ini­tial dat­ing pe­riod, the birds are singing, the sun is bright, and the whole world seems so right. Months later when the dark clouds roll in, you find your­self wish­ing that you went about things dif­fer­ently, es­pe­cially when your beloved keeps tick­ing you off!

There is a limit for each of us on how much we’re will­ing to tol­er­ate from our part­ners. For some, it could some­thing as small as an unshared pas­sion, while for oth­ers it may be some­thing as se­ri­ous as drug ad­dic­tion.

Want to know what some of the dat­ing deal break­ers are out there? We get eight guys and eight girls to spill on what would make them turn around and walk the other way.

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