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2. Name one ben­e­fit of saf­flower oil. Hav­ing prob­lems with dull-look­ing hair? Time to try the new L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil Souf­fle d’Or. Cre­ated for women who seek ra­di­ant glam­our and sub­lime hair sup­ple­ness, Mythic Oil Souf­fle d’Or is a sparkling sham­poo and con­di­tioner duo for­mu­lated with shim­mer­ing, pre­cious ar­gan and saf­flower oils. Ar­gan oil is the tra­di­tional beauty se­cret of Moroc­can women be­cause of its nu­tri­tive prop­er­ties that are eas­ily ab­sorbed by hair. Saf­flower oil pro­vides hair with vitamin E and Omega 6 for a healthy scalp and shiny hair. Use Mythic Oil Souf­fle d’Or to coat hair with deep nour­ish­ment for bet­ter con­trol, more shine, and ex­treme ra­di­ance! Mythic Oil Souf­fle d’Or has a light tex­ture and shim­mer­ing gold par­ti­cles, that give dull hair in­cred­i­ble lu­mi­nous shine, and leaves it light, airy and soft. 1. What are the two key in­gre­di­ents in Mythic Oil Souf­fle d’Or? ____________________________________________


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