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Get ready for Hal­loween by sharp­en­ing your psy­chic skills! It’ll take prac­tice. Just al­low your in­tu­ition to seep through the veil of

your con­scious mind.

The next time the phone rings, don’t look at the screen and fo­cus on who you think it will be and why they’re be call­ing. It won’t take long for your ac­cu­racy to im­prove.

When meet­ing some­one new, feel their en­ergy and see if any im­ages or feel­ings come to mind. Ask if you’re right. Soon, you’ll be sur­pris­ing new friends (and your­self) with in­ter­est­ing in­for­ma­tion.

Read up on the 12 zo­diac signs and start guess­ing those around you. Don’t be too hard on your­self – you may get the sign wrong but maybe you’ve got the el­e­ment or Fire, Air, Wa­ter or Earth right?

Buy a nor­mal pack of cards and as you turn each over, try to feel which suit the next card will be. In time, you’ll be able to fine tune this.

Fo­cus on some­one you haven’t seen for a long time and see how long it takes for them to ap­pear in your life again. Co­in­ci­dences can be some­thing you can cre­ate!

Spend time in the wa­ter, prefer­ably the ocean. Swim, sing, dance, med­i­tate... they’ll all help you tap into a dif­fer­ent realm.

Try­ing to re­place your strong in­tu­ition with ra­tional think­ing will make you miss out on op­por­tu­ni­ties. Trust in fate and see what hap­pens!

Let a neu­rotic drive for per­fec­tion eat up all your free time and you’ll lose your sense of fun and glam­our! Take a look at the big pic­ture.

Be hon­est about your­self and you’ll meet au­then­tic new guys. Part­ners will be fab­u­lously sup­port­ive.

If you hit a lull, in­stead of get­ting en­grossed in Face­book, strate­gise for the fu­ture! From the 16th, put your cre­ativ­ity and drive to work, and you’ll sur­prise your­self.

Con­nect­ing with your own emo­tions and ad­mit­ting what you want will bring un­ex­pected sup­port.

Life will need struc­ture but that should in­clude sched­ul­ing cre­ativ­ity, ro­mance and fun. With­out light relief, you’ll be­come an old fuddy-duddy be­fore your time!

From the 8th, you’ll re­alise how hot you are. Wait­ing for the right guy doesn’t make you fussy; it makes you re­al­is­tic of what you de­serve!

Your imag­i­na­tion will know no bounds but it’ll get you nowhere un­less you harness your ideas and stay struc­tured. Plan for the fu­ture. and ten­sion will get out of hand.

You’ll be in a happy place but with­out cre­at­ing spark, things could fiz­zle. Whether sin­gle or dat­ing, the more fun you have in life, the more ro­mance you’ll en­joy.

If work is slow and you have more time on your hands than usual, don’t panic! You can use this time to con­nect with col­leagues and de-stress. Also use this down­time to think, plot and strate­gise!

You’ll be asked to sup­port oth­ers but your un­der­ling mood will be, “What about me!” The more you ac­cept that you’re needed, the more in tune with life you’ll feel.

Ac­cept your­self and oth­ers, and life will bring a sense of ex­cite­ment. But waste your en­ergy ex­pect­ing things that peo­ple can’t give

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