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Fly­ing some­where soon? Pack in aro­mather­apy oils, crys­tals, and a few choice colours to at­tract fun and

suc­cess on your next trip! ARO­MATHER­APY OILS Put two drops of ylang ylang, san­dal­wood and laven­der into an oil burner and burn the night be­fore to ease anx­i­ety. CRYS­TALS To calm your mind, try amethyst. For com­fort, get your­self an arag­o­nite crys­tal. COLOUR THER­APY



COLOUR THER­APY ARO­MATHER­APY OILS Mix th­ese oils with your body lo­tion: Berg­amot to at­tract ro­mance and lemon­grass for more en­ergy. CRYS­TALS Rose quartz at­tracts love, tour­ma­line keeps neg­a­tive peo­ple away while flu­o­rite brings courage. COLOUR THER­APY To boost con­fi­dence, try orange. To at­tract guys, pink is the way to go.

Emo­tions may trig­ger you so take on in­tense spring cleans and train­ing regimes! While you’ll need both for your san­ity, only set re­al­is­tic goals.

The race is with your­self so fo­cus­ing on an­ni­hi­lat­ing oth­ers will leave you emo­tion­ally ex­hausted! Build health and fi­nan­cial rou­tines now.

A new dreami­ness will have you en­joy­ing a re­laxed time. But by the 16th, be clear about the love life you want.

Break old habits and fo­cus on your sur­fac­ing cre­ativ­ity. Trust your in­tu­ition in ne­go­ti­a­tions and don’t get bogged down by de­tails.

If re­la­tion­ships seem a chal­lenge, drop your guard and let peo­ple in. Once you lead with your heart, you’ll re­alise that life is still fun.

In­stead of read­ing too much into moods, fo­cus on your hap­pi­ness and live cre­atively. By the 13th, a new­found con­fi­dence will en­able you to keep your eye on the prize.

A new ro­man­tic chal­lenge will turn to ex­cite­ment but by the 28th try­ing to do it all may get you get nowhere!

Your un­ex­pected ideas will be ap­pre­ci­ated but do your home­work – un­leash them too soon and you’ll make oth­ers ner­vous!

Keep per­spec­tive and don’t waste en­ergy wor­ry­ing about trivia. Let it all wash over you! Struc­ture will be im­por­tant but it’ll be no good with­out ro­mance.

You can have your big pic­ture dream but only with struc­ture and fo­cus. Waste time on projects that won’t ever hap­pen or things that aren’t your con­cern, and you’ll miss great chances.

Chill­ing in the com­fort of peo­ple and places you know best will build a pow­er­ful foun­da­tion for life. Don’t be pushed into do­ing any­thing that doesn’t sat­isfy the soul!

You need to ex­plore and be tucked into the arms of love to be brought to­gether. So don’t deny your­self of op­por­tu­ni­ties. New places, clubs and sports will all put a new spark into ro­mance – for sin­gles too!

Trust in your skills and don’t let oth­ers con­fuse you! Make the most of your lucky en­ergy and use your lead­er­ship skills to get bosses and peers to see your vi­sion.

Blue keep stress lev­els down while vi­o­let steers away neg­a­tive thoughts.

Use lemon­grass to lift your spir­its and pep­per­mint for more con­cen­tra­tion.

Try citrine to clear men­tal fa­tigue and ametrine to re­lieve stress.

Orange clears con­fu­sion. Yel­low clears a foggy head.

With your sense of care and giv­ing run­ning high, it’ll be easy to run on empty. To have su­per­hero en­ergy, fill up your emo­tional tank with quiet times and glam­orous treats.

Worry less about what oth­ers think and more about what you want. Stop giv­ing your en­ergy to prob­lems.

An­swer the fol­low­ing ques­tion. Red­ken All Soft nour­ishes hair’s pro­tein that is com­prised

of ker­atin.

While you may feel that fi­nan­cial and ma­te­rial sta­tus will give you emo­tional se­cu­rity, fine tun­ing your val­ues and at­ti­tudes will give you more in­ner strength.

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