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He’s a drug user who loves to party and has made mil­lions from cook­ing and deal­ing meth, but this good-look­ing trou­ble­maker also adores kids and al­ways finds him­self fall­ing in love. Jesse’s made (a lot of) bad choices along the way, but un­der­neath it all he has a heart of gold. What Dr. McMil­lan says… Do you re­ally like a guy who has no con­science as long as he’s mak­ing money? If you still find Jesse ir­re­sistible, you could end up with a guy who loves a good time and isn’t too picky about how he pays for it. This kind of guy al­ways has a lot of se­crets. Do you like men who hide im­por­tant in­for­ma­tion from you? Do you find it mys­te­ri­ous? If so, don’t be sur­prised if a visit to your real-life boyfriend will some­day re­quire a full body search and putting money in his ac­count for cig­a­rettes.

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