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Ryan De Al­wis,

We were shar­ing a ta­ble with some strangers un­til they were strangers no more. One girl wanted to in­tro­duce me to her friend and in­stead of point­ing to me she points to the black­est wall in the room. That was the day I stopped wear­ing dark shirts and started smil­ing more. I was play­ing one of my big­gest shows on New Year’s Eve in 2012. At

the end of my set, I climbed onto one of the speak­ers to thank ev­ery­one for com­ing. On

my way down, I fell about seven feet to the ground and broke

my leg!

can ri­val Can’t have a face that

we? A quick touch a disco ball now can

fr esh! up will have you look­ing Drink­ing and lick­ing your lips

to fade. Keep the lips will cause the colour look­ing lush! Just in case you you fancy, you’re see a cer­tain some­one

them your num­ber. al­ways ready to pass

You’ll never Rose will spring a know when Aunt

and, heaven for­bid, sur­prise visit on you

pre­pared! ruin your out­fit. Be

else you’ve Cock­tails and what­ever

yucky. Mints had can make your breath

(and tast­ing) fr esh. will keep you smelling

to have It’s al­ways a good idea

also come in handy tis­sues with you. They when a spill hap­pens! Just what you need af­ter

dance floor to keep sweaty night on the

locks from frizzing. cool and pre­vent your Smell fresh de­spite all the

you’ve en­dured. per­spir­ing and smoke You can never be too

have to walk to care­ful, es­pe­cially if you

over. your car af­ter the party’s

If the guy’s charm­ing, any cheesy pick-up line would sound good. Hu­mans who don’t know how to con­trol them­selves. You must al­ways recog­nise your limit

and not push it.

I will take the story to my grave! It in­volved me fall­ing flat on my face in front of a cute guy. I can’t share ev­ery­thing that led up to that. Artful Dodger fea­tur­ing Craig David, “Re-Rewind" Rude bounc­ers and

catty women. You drive to your dad’s place, pass out in his gar­den, and he wakes you up ask­ing why your pants are hang­ing off the bam­boo tree he planted three days ago. Ba­nana leaf rice and All that spice and grease will help you re­cover for sure.

House par­ties. I like be­ing with a small crowd of close-knit friends where there’s good food and fun con­ver­sa­tions. Some­times there are games too. I love games!

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