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Mal­colMal­colm Glad­well of­fers a new way of look­ing at what it means to be dis­crimdis­crim­i­nated against, cope with dis­abil­ity, lose a par­ent, at­tend a medi­ocre school, or suf­fer fromf any other set­backs. It ex­am­ines the min­minds of can­cer re­searchers and civil rights lead­ers,l mur­der and the high costs of revere­venge, and the dy­nam­ics of suc­cess­ful and un­un­suc­cess­ful classrooms – all to de­mon­demon­strate how much of what is beau­ti­ful and im­im­por­tant in the world arise from what looks llike suf­fer­ing and ad­ver­sity.

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