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Use numerol­ogy to find out what 2014 will bring! To cal­cu­late your

per­sonal num­ber: 2+7+1+1+2+0+1+3 = 17. (your birth day + your birth month

+ the cur­rent year) If your to­tal is dou­ble dig­its, keep adding un­til it is a sin­gle digit. Your in­de­pen­dent mood will bring assertive­ness so get your­self go­ing and achieve­ments will come. You’ll grow cre­atively for 2014. Trust your in­tu­ition and fol­low your heart. Money will come eas­ily but with dis­ci­pline and self-con­trol, you will se­cure cre­ative dreams. New love af­fairs may not ini­tially make your head spin but give them time and magic will hap­pen. In­dulging in food, al­co­hol and over spend­ing will be easy, so try a lit­tle self-dis­ci­pline! Rise to chal­lenges and you’ll soon re­alise your full po­ten­tial. New re­la­tion­ships will be deep and spir­i­tual. For suc­cess, spend time build­ing your in­ner foun­da­tions. Long-term am­bi­tions will come to­gether. Reach out for your goals! Be care­ful, high stan­dards could sab­o­tage ex­cel­lent ro­mances. Pay off fi­nan­cial debts and favours, and cre­ate a clean slate for next year.

Your emo­tional and in­tu­itive strength will be so in tune that you’ll know the an­swers be­fore the prob­lem has shown it­self! Be col­lab­o­ra­tive but ul­ti­mately trust your­self.

From the 8th, the party girl will be un­leashed but by the 26th this will bat­tle with your need to help oth­ers. Work both into your life and you’ll feel part of the giv­ing sea­son!

The more struc­tured your so­cial life is, the more fun you’ll have. Leav­ing things to chance or ex­pect­ing last-minute plan­ning will leave you stressed.

Shake things up and get a lit­tle sexy! Tune into the hot god­dess within. Take charge and be strong.

Step away from your own needs! Put time into help­ing the weak­est link in your team and you’ll be re­paid with re­spect and lead­er­ship. From the 5th, tap into your past for an­swers.

You have a knack of mak­ing oth­ers happy. The more you give, the more you’ll re­alise how many un­used skills you have.

It’ll be time to step out and go a lit­tle crazy! For­get be­ing con­ven­tional and en­joy do­ing the bizarre this New Year.

Worry less about the long term; en­joy the here and now, and stronger bonds will grow. New ro­mance will only last if there’s more to it than fun.

A new in­ten­sity will drive you for­ward but with­out a sense of fun and con­nect­ing to oth­ers, you’ll be seen as more scary than suc­cess­ful!


If the un­ex­pected takes you by sur­prise, don’t close down but in­ves­ti­gate ex­cit­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties! There will be hot guys at par­ties or the gym so time to party and work out hard!

It’ll be easy to lose track by talk­ing too much – even­tu­ally you’ll have to move on from plan­ning and just do! Be re­al­is­tic about money and make peo­ple act on their prom­ises.

Lis­ten to your in­tu­ition. If you ever feel over­whelmed, tune into your in­ner voice.

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