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When two sounds of nearly sim­i­lar fre­quen­cies are pre­sented one to each ear with head­phones, the brain com­bines th­ese two fre­quency sig­nals and pro­duces a third fre­quency sound called a bin­au­ral beat. For ex­am­ple: If a fre­quency of 50 Hertz is played in one ear and a fre­quency of 60 Hertz is played in the other ear, your brain cre­ates a bin­au­ral beat of 10 Hertz and your brain­waves in­crease by 10 Hertz to fol­low the bin­au­ral beat. When you al­ter your brain­waves, you put your­self in an ideal state to per­form and learn bet­ter. Neu­ro­sci­en­tists say that the ef­fects of al­ter­ing your brain­waves in­crease the lev­els of cer­tain feel-good chem­i­cals in your brain. The boost to th­ese chem­i­cals are said to in­crease your men­tal fo­cus and clar­ity. Train­ing your brain­waves has been re­ported to re­duce anx­i­ety and stress, and even pro­vide other health ben­e­fits such as weight loss, stimulation of col­la­gen pro­duc­tion and hair growth. It has been al­legedly re­ported that bin­au­ral beats can also be used to at­tempt things like psy­choki­ne­sis and telepa­thy. Ul­tra cool!

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