Have You Ever Had Sex With An Ex?

Tim e to ’ fess up, ladies!

CLEO (Malaysia) - - SMART REPORT -

“Yes. In some ways, sleep­ing with my ex, Mar­cus, made our break-up eas­ier, but gen­er­ally speak­ing it made things harder, hav­ing that phys­i­cal con­nec­tion but at the same time know­ing that he was no longer mine.” Lucy Howard*, 20

“Yes. If you both know where you stand, sex with an ex can work. I’ve also been in a sit­u­a­tion where I’ve slept with an ex, got my hopes up, and had my heart bro­ken again. Ul­ti­mately, I think it’s best to cut ties once it’s over.” Kelsey Rogers*, 23 “Yes. My ex and I slept to­gether a few months af­ter we ended things. I was find­ing it hard to move on and thought it would make me feel bet­ter. In­stead, it made me feel worse and I ended up call­ing it quits for good.” Chloe Adams*, 25

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