Leave Your Bits alone


A new form of cos­metic surgery has emerged. It’s called labio­plasty and in­volves, well, mak­ing the vagina look “nicer”.

Ladies, be­fore you even think about it, let me tell you, that as a man who has seen a few vagi­nas in his time, not one of them has been aes­thet­i­cally un­pleas­ing. Ev­ery one has been adorable, in­side and out. Do what you will with the pu­bic hair – I’ve seen mo­hawks, Brazil­ians, land­ing strips, thatch cot­tages. You may even want to pop a pierc­ing in there if you feel the need, but when scalpels take the place of ra­zors you’ve gone a step too far. If you con­sider your hoo-hoo un­sightly and it is im­pact­ing on your self-es­teem, by all means look into it (I mean surgery) but there’s not a man whose seen a woman naked and thought “I’m not go­ing near those ma­jora”. What’s ap­par­ently driv­ing this trend is erotic ma­te­rial online, where cast­ing di­rec­tors have a pen­chant for “neat” fe­male cast mem­bers. The idea is that since men are the ma­jor­ity of the view­er­ship, they ex­pect such min­i­mal­ist gen­i­talia as the norm. I’m here to tell to that this a load non­sense built on foun­da­tions of bull. Any man who is priv­i­leged enough to get within touch­ing dis­tance of your bits will likely be so thrilled that the last thing on his mind will be sym­me­try or other sup­posed con­sid­er­a­tions. Point is, the tem­ple of de­lights is ex­actly that, a sa­cred space for the cho­sen few who should ap­proach with ap­pro­pri­ate en­thu­si­asm and rev­er­ence. What makes this de­bate even more con­fus­ing - to us guys at least - is that you ladies have a re­mark­ably char­i­ta­ble ap­proach to our dan­gly bits.

Ladies, if you could only be as ac­cept­ing with your own bod­ies as you are with those of the men you love, then ev­ery­one will be bet­ter off.

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