Capricorn God­dess

DEC 22 — JAN 19

CLEO (Malaysia) - - STARGAZER / @PLAY -

Star Qual­ity: You are the quiet achiever who is equally com­fort­able ne­go­ti­at­ing deals with the big boys in the board­room, throw­ing stylish par­ties, or mak­ing your in­ner cir­cle laugh with your clever and funny sto­ries. While am­bi­tious, you’re also sen­si­tive and fair. Be­ing a nat­u­ral leader, you’ll take those you love with you! You may be guarded but you also have a wicked sense of hu­mour and when the work is done, you know how to let your hair down!

Flip side: You need to avoid let­ting your­self get too down till you feel there’s no way out. Treat your­self! Also, be aware of get­ting bogged down at work and don’t for­get to love those around you – all work and no play will make you crack!

Your Look: You are the coolest and most el­e­gant! You don’t need a closet full of high-fash­ion items be­cause you do just as well with four fab­u­lous pieces. Your colours are pretty greys, creams, whites and black, and the way you put them to­gether of­ten has a tiny edge! While your make-up too is clas­sic, it can range from muted day to vampy night with bright red lips and smoky eyes!

This Month: Ideas will come tum­bling into your con­scious­ness and you’ll be rar­ing to change the world! Keep steady and you’ll get a lot done. Bring im­por­tant peo­ple on to your side at work and so­cially but re­mem­ber that ar­ro­gance and power will be your enemy. In love, don’t give in to any guys’ de­mands, no mat­ter how cute he is or how sup­port­ive you think you’re be­ing. Be his equal and en­joy your power!

Capri­corns crave fresh out­door air.

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