Fire It Up

Th­ese sexy moves are guar­an­teed to reignite the em­bers of your re­la­tion­ship.

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Reignite that fire in your re­la­tion­ship.

Meals in heels

Never deny the authen­tic­ity of the the­ory that states the quick­est way to a man’s heart is through his stom­ach. Up the game: Get his blood flow­ing faster to the right re­gions by whip­ping up his favourite meal in noth­ing but his shirt and a pair of sexy heels on. Stay that way till he comes home and we guar­an­tee you siz­zling bed­room ac­tion.

Sex up the texts

Get­ting a ran­dom text filled with con­fes­sions of love al­ways gives the re­ceiver a warm fuzzy feel­ing of af­fec­tion. But why not amp it up by fill­ing his mind with some pretty in­tense vi­su­als? Drop him a sexy text while you’re both at work. This way you’re let­ting him know that you’re think­ing of him in more ways than one.

Watch some­thing steamy to­gether

We get it: It’s an Asian thing to run out of the room the mo­ment an in­ti­mate scene be­gins on TV. But those days are way be­hind you! Watch­ing some­thing erotic to­gether is just another way of stir­ring up the pas­sion that has come to a halt. Make a move when things get steamy on­screen; he’ll get the hint and fol­low cue.

Play a game

Don’t look at fore­play as just a sex­ual ac­tiv­ity. Look at it as you would an out­fit that can be jazzed up. Here’s some­thing to try over the weekend: put on a sexy out­fit, com­plete with tou­sled bed­room hair and make-up. Set your­self some­where com­fort­able like the liv­ing room or bed­room, and wait for your man to stroll in. When he does, ex­plain to him the rules. Ask him a few ques­tions and for ev­ery right an­swer he gets, he’s al­lowed to take one step for­ward. Wrong an­swers will force him to take a step back. It’ll keep you both on your toes!

Ready, start, ac­tion!

A lit­tle role-play­ing goes a long way. To do this right, you need to get over your in­hi­bi­tions. So if you’re feel­ing awk­ward ask­ing him about his sex­ual fan­tasies, get him to write them down on pieces of pa­per. Take th­ese notes and put them in a bowl. When it’s play time, pick out a ran­dom piece of pa­per and act it out!

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