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for a quick chat with CLEO sits down Pop. duo, Icona Swedish elec­tropop

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CLEO has a quick back-and-forth with elec­tronic sen­sa­tions Icona Pop.

Who do you think are big pop icons? There’s Prince, David Bowie, and even Michael Jack­son. Prince has been a huge in­spi­ra­tion to us from the start. When we first met, we took pho­tos dressed as Prince and played all his mu­sic. You’re both style icons. How would you de­scribe your sense of style? We like to mix mas­cu­line and fem­i­nine, harsh and soft, punk and preppy. It all comes down to ex­press­ing our­selves. We think our mu­sic goes hand in hand with our fash­ion. There are no rules.

What are your fash­ion must-haves? Sun­glasses and leather jack­ets. Even if it’s win­ter or sum­mer, we wear them. The jack­ets make us feel like Su­per­woman. Did you think you would be in a band when you were grow­ing up or did you want to be solo artists? We wanted to be solo artists for sure. We never thought we’d be in a pop group or be this pop duo that we are now. Which DJ would you most like to col­lab­o­rate with? We would love to do some­thing with Mike Dunn who’s a techno pi­o­neer. The Chem­i­cal Brothers too! That would be ab­so­lutely crazy, to work with the Chem­i­cal Brothers.

What do you sing in the shower? A Whit­ney Houston or Mariah Carey song. One of those high-pitched ones that you think makes you sound good be­cause you’ve got so much wa­ter in your ears. Your lat­est sin­gle is called “All Night” which begs the ques­tion: What can you do all night? As long as we’re with each other, we can do any­thing. We can dance all night. We’re very good dancers. Do you write your own mu­sic and lyrics? Nope. We are in­volved in ev­ery­thing we do but we don’t write all the mu­sic and lyrics our­selves. We col­lab­o­rate with a lot of peo­ple. What would you say is the Icona Pop sound? It’s bit­ter­sweet melodies with punk, elec­tronic pop and shout-y cho­ruses.

Shout-y cho­ruses?

Yes! So ev­ery­one can sing along.

Icona Pop

are Caro­lineH­jelt and Aino (left)

Jawo (right).

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