Beat The Blues Out Of Your Mon­day

You’ll never have to catch your­self say­ing live again at work if you “Ugh, it’s Mon­day” doable steps be­fore and by th­ese sim­ple and on Blue-day.

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Yes, you can sur­vive the first work day.

1 Work Up A Sweat

Ex­er­cis­ing will lift that feel­ing of dread from your chest and re­place it with a pur­pose in your stride. It’s been proven that work­ing out re­leases en­dor­phins.

2 Low-Key Par­ty­ing

Yes, Fri­day is here but let’s party in moder­a­tion shall we? Wear­ing your­self out over the weekend is never a good thing as it’ll take a toll on your body. So go slow and treat your­self to a quiet night in on al­ter­nate week­ends.

3 Love Thy Job

If that pas­sion you once had for your job is slowly ebbing, find a way to rekin­dle it so you’ll learn to love your job all over again. If it’s been com­pletely snuffed out, per­haps it’s time for you to get a new job.

4 Or­gan­ised Sch­mor­gan­ised

Give your­self a merry Mon­day morn­ing by sort­ing things out the night be­fore, like pick­ing your out­fit and pack­ing a meal. That way you won’t be a mess come dawn.

5 Hearty Brekkie

Lift your mood and en­ergy by gorg­ing on a healthy por­tion of your meal of choice. If your oomph fac­tor starts drop­ping dur­ing mid­day, grab a hand­ful of al­monds or dark choco­late to re­store it.

6 Catch A Tune

Mu­sic isn’t just the food of love, it’s food for your mood too! Go easy on the melan­cholic melodies that re­flect your state of mind and play some­thing that would put a smile on your face in­stead.

7 Sleep­less On Sun­day

Your days of func­tion­ing on just four hours of sleep are way be­hind you so call it a night by 10pm. Re­searchers at the Na­tional Sleep Foun­da­tion in the US have found that a short or dis­turbed sleep af­fects your mood, per­for­mance and alert­ness. Well, that ex­plains a lot.

8 The Happy One

There’s al­ways that one per­son at work who’s cheer­ful, funny, and brim­ming with pos­i­tiv­ity. Go hunt that per­son down and have a quick chat if you’re feel­ing like a cal­ci­fied zom­bie. Be­ing around some­one with a good vibe in­stantly el­e­vates your mood.

9 Feel Good, Good Lookin’

Put in some ef­fort so you’ll like what you see in the mir­ror in the morn­ing be­cause when you’re look­ing good, you know you’re feel­ing good.

10 Be Awe­some, Be Nice

One good turn may not al­ways de­serve another but it can make you feel great. Open­ing the door for some­one or of­fer­ing your seat may not seem much but you’ll feel good about be­ing a Good Sa­mar­i­tan.

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