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Q The other night while my fi­ancé was in the bath­room, I went in to re­trieve some­thing and found him wash­ing his gen­i­tals in the sink! It was gross! Is this a men-thing or is mine a freak? A A He’s not a freak and this is a thing some – not all – men do. You’re right in say­ing it’s rather gross but at least he’s keep­ing his junk spot­less for you. As long as he cleans up af­ter­wards, it’s re­ally not a big deal. David David Q I was left jarred when I found out my part­ner had got­ten ball-bear­ing pe­nile im­plants. Is this nor­mal? A There’s no uni­ver­sal stan­dard for what is and isn’t nor­mal but per­haps it would be good for you to have an open dis­cus­sion with your part­ner about this. Al­low him to ex­press his thoughts and feel­ings about this with­out judge­ment, and you should do the same too. Val­i­date and sup­port each other, then come to a de­ci­sion as a cou­ple. Dr. Ed­ward Q Is it com­mon for a man to have a crooked pe­nis? A Yes, it is. In fact, a straight pe­nis may not be a good sign. In some men, it’s hard to spot this crooked­ness whereas in oth­ers, it may be more ob­vi­ous. But don’t worry if your part­ner has a crooked pe­nis. As long as you are able to have sex with one another, it should not be an is­sue. Some­times, cou­ples have to change in­ter­course po­si­tions to ac­com­mo­date the “crooked­ness” of the pe­nis.

Dr. Ed­ward Q It’s im­por­tant to my hus­band that I’m sex­u­ally sat­is­fied but the prob­lem is that once we reach the point that it’s all about me, I be­come tense. This in turn elon­gates my “process”, mak­ing it dif­fi­cult to hap­pen. Should I tell him to stop? Or fake it?

A po­lite yes to the first and a def­i­nite no to the sec­ond. Fak­ing or­gasm may al­lay his ego but when the lie even­tu­ally sur­faces, he will feel hurt and be­trayed. So in­stead of telling him to stop, find some­thing you’d like him to do more of and use that as a start­ing point. Also, ex­plain that al­though you ap­pre­ci­ate his ef­fort, some­times it just doesn’t hap­pen for you but you’re keen to ex­plore new tips and tech­niques with him. David Q My part­ner doesn’t seem to be as in­ter­ested as I am in hav­ing sex. Should I just wait it out or talk to him about it? A De­sire for sex is a tricky mat­ter. Per­haps it’s your tim­ing be­cause the male testos­terone is at its peak in the morn­ing and low­est at night. So ap­proach­ing him for sex in the morn­ing might be bet­ter. Try build­ing the de­sire for each other through­out the day with texts or calls. If all else fails, in­vite your part­ner to get his sex hor­mone lev­els tested, as it may be low due to di­etary and en­vi­ron­men­tal fac­tors and stres­sors.

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